• Secret Service Prostitution: From Reality to Farce

    May 14, 2012

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    It used to take awhile for an event to morph into farce. I bet when Abraham Lincoln was shot it took weeks before Civil War-era comedians started telling inappropriate assassination jokes. Things just moved slower then.

    Now of course, with the Internet, reality becomes farce much faster. The Secret Service prostitution scandal from Colombia has already hit bottom, based on an interview from a Colombian radio station with the escort (pictured, at work, above) at the heart of it all.

    To begin, she will be posing soon for Playboy. You can get a preview here (Sort of Not Safe for Work, unless you work for the State Department, as there are no Wikileaks references).

    The Agent’s wife has stated she will stand by her now-unemployed whore mongering husband. For those of you outside the Beltway, this is a Washington-area thing, where political spouses profess loyalty to their low-life mates (Hillary and Bill!)

    According to the escort, the Agent was too drunk to finish the job and that’s why he would not pay her in the morning (she later said he did the deed then passed out, so who cares). She said the other Secret Service staff took up a collection and handed her $250, begging she would not call the cops. “He did not feel he got what he was being asked to pay for,” said the Pretty Woman.

    She was one of 20 professional women brought to the Secret Service party.

    The escort also said that the Agent could not dance well. The escort said he liked to dance in a “disorderly” manner in which “he lifted his shirt to show off his six-pack.”

    When the escort woke the Agent, he refused to pay, telling her “just go, bitch.”

    Eight Secret Service officers have been forced out, the agency is “trying” to permanently revoke the security clearance of one. HINT: Forget the whores, have him look at Wikileaks online!

    And lastly, the escort said no one from the US government has been in touch with her or interviewed her. Get this– the Secret Service (unlike the media) says they can’t find her. So much for intel.

    This appears at odds with Obama’s stated desire for a “rigorous investigation.”

    BREAKING: Apparently both the TODAY show and the US Secret Service have now interviewed the subject. Return to your business, citizens.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      The great unraveling of this not-so-secret affair is like a strip tease. They finally interviewed her but won’t let her testify probably for fear she will recognize others in the room.


      05/14/12 12:16 PM | Comment Link

    • jo6pac said...


      Thanks for the laugh Rich

      05/14/12 6:55 PM | Comment Link

    • Pam said...


      You just dont mess with the secret service, they use everyone to do their dirty work for them including the Chicago Syndicate. If you are on the up and up and do the right thing, they can still abuse their authority to undermind you. In this case the agents were being stalked in association with an event in the chicago burbs where a number of agents failed to do their proper job.. in other circles its called rackateering and corrupting. Getting boned isnt a crime,humiliating and freeing up positions so sleeper operatives can get into the Secret service is the underlying effect.
      I have tried to report the same but the conspiracy of NOT being able to report it is stronger than those persons who want the truth. I have death threats on me for exposing mob hits of US soliders in the USA.. so I can only imagine how dirty this situation is .
      I have no intent to harm myself in anyway.. June 27 2012

      06/22/12 12:32 AM | Comment Link

    • Pam said...


      Remember 9-11-01 . Many of the witnesses died and or those that reported it were labled crazy while trying vigoriously to help find the true and real plotters of that tragedy..
      Someone in Washington and the Politics of the Saud govt dont want anyone to know who it was and what really happened..
      12 yrs later i am still plagued by a huge homegrown terror cell of extremists and political underminders that steal lie cheat and murder to cover that true and real factual trail to the plotters..

      06/22/12 12:34 AM | Comment Link

    • Pam said...


      I dont think the USA intended to harm the IRAQI people, it was just a casualty of trying to find the Weapons of Mass destruction moved over the border just weeks before the invasion to iraq.. the US just didnt stop. War was never declared by Congress on IRAQ OR AFGANASTAN. ..yet the USA went in anyway..
      the rebuilding of iRAQ was we came in illegally and tried to clean up your terror situation which filters to our USA thousands of miles away.. but WE IGNORE OUR OWN CITIZENS clamoring of the TERROR OPERATIVES right outside PRES OBAMAS hometown CHICAGO.. Nobody cleaning up here..!

      06/22/12 12:36 AM | Comment Link

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