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    November 10, 2012

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    Here’s an excerpt from an email I received:

    I was so thankful that you wrote such an exacting account of what was really going on over in Iraq. I was in Iraq in 2005 and saw first hand the waste fraud and abuse going on not only by the state dept. but even more so by the Army and the Army Corps of Engineers. You just barely touched the tip of the ice-berg. As a lowly GS-8 I tried in vain to get someone in the upper management to do something about what was going on. I had sent e-mails to my supervisor and as high as General Strock. Never got one return email.

    It was as if there was an elephant in the room syndrome. I have been so angry ever since my tour there. I don’t trust the military command, and the Corps of Engineers is full of really incompetent people. I’m also ashamed to say there were so many people over there who really wanted to get things done but were so
    hampered by management and military command, but didn’t have the integrity to speak out for fear of being sent home or getting in trouble with their sponsoring agency.

    Thank you again. Your book should be required reading for every politician and every tax paying American.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      “The Corps of Engineers is full of really incompetent people.” LOL

      11/10/12 1:46 PM | Comment Link

    • jhoover said...


      Sorry bet out context but this really groundbreaking bit of news?

      David Petraeus

      Iraq highlights exceptional Army career of Gen. David Petraeus, expert on modern warfare

      11/10/12 7:44 PM | Comment Link

    • jhoover said...


      WINCHESTER, Va. – In seven years starting in 2004, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed more than 5,000 projects with a value of $8.8 billion in Iraq. The construction program was crucial in the efforts to secure a new and reliable government for Iraq.

      The above statement is from article what USACE done for Iraqi government.
      What it come to mind is, their work of 5,000 projects with a value of $8.8 billion in Iraq dose includes those US military bases they built inside Iraq? Or those new roads and access to those caps and bases also these necessary services to those facilities that serviced US troop in Iraq.
      Looking in this photo to me looks very basis work stranded and really buzzed my mind with Iraq during mid-seventies most Iraqis and all those who worked with foreign companies in Iraq, seen the booming of big projects of construction program that Iraqi government had, at least in those site we saw those big truck with concert mixing bowl and they feed the concretes to the required constructions sites not as seen in this very basic small barrel and few “Iraqis” carrying concert to build those projects at valued of $8.8 billion taking in account the level of rate for those Iraqi works around $2.00/day?
      It obvious from the report when they said: The construction program was crucial in the efforts to secure a new and reliable government for Iraq

      Is really democratically elected Iraqi government need all those 5,000 projects with a value of $8.8 billion to stabilised inside Iraq?

      So this government elected from start by people of Iraq and the majority of the citizen which all the time news media telling the world ?

      11/10/12 8:12 PM | Comment Link

    • jhoover said...


      Apologies the link to article here

      11/10/12 8:14 PM | Comment Link

    • jhoover said...


      The Deadly Dust is that what USACE working with?

      Wondering if those court orders for US employments with KBR compensation for claims of harms caused working in dangerous a polluted environment in Iraq

      11/11/12 1:04 AM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      Non-violent action could have saved most all of the people killed, and limited greatly the destruction in Iraq.

      Adventurism is a fool’s game for the Armed Forces, because they are continually following illegal orders. Please come home and stop murdering people.

      Rebuilding after natural disasters Does Not create.

      Rebuilding drains resources, time, money – nothing is created, just replaced with something which will fail the next time. Build it right the first time. If it can’t be built to withstand the elements, then move.

      Stop watching and listening to any commercials.
      Use the Mute button, why do you think it’s there for?

      Stop reading any advertisements.
      Read the stories only, pictures are OK, if within the story.

      11/11/12 6:20 AM | Comment Link

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