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    November 15, 2013

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    Following our story on the alleged sexual shenanigans at the U.S. Consulate in Naples (photo, left, is the consulate Halloween party), attorney Lawrence Kelly has forwarded another translated affidavit from an ex-Italian local employee of the State Department, along with the response to the broader allegations from the U.S. Embassy in Rome.

    Let’s start with that:

    State Department Response

    Dear Mr. Kelly:

    I am writing to you in response to your message to Ambassador Phillips dated September 12, 2013. The Department of State takes any complaint of this nature very seriously. The Department of State does not comment on personnel issues.


    Kathleen Doherty
    Deputy Chief of Mission
    U.S. Embassy Rome

    So, that’s settled.

    Or maybe not, as Kelly’s client filed a formal complaint with the Department after Embassy Rome failed to do anything. That pending complaint includes material from the affidavit, below. While of course we cannot verify the authenticity of any of the statements below, the Department of State sure can if they wish to, all of which should make for an interesting time (all redactions are by this blog):

    My name is _____, I was born on _____ in _____, and I live in _____. I worked for nine long years at your embassy of Naples-based in Piazza della Repubblica. And only today as we honor Martin Luther King (my personal hero) 50 years after his death, I find the courage to write some thoughts about the person of Mr. Donald Moore [Note: Moore was the head of the Naples Consulate, i.e., Consul General]

    I cannot understand why Mr. Moore suspended me from work, just because I, [two names redacted by this blog; one was the State Department security officer] were aware of his private affairs, such as the relationship that Mr. Moore had with the language instructor _____, from which he was to have a child, but who he convinced to have an abortion in exchange to not fire her. These facts are certain. I can testify. I agree in every way with what Ms. Kerry [the American employee who filed the formal complaint against Moore] has said because first of all she is a good person; very respectful to the Italians, who is loved by me and my family. Mr. Moore took advantage of me work-wise… and thanks to Donald Moore my career is now over, blocked, because of my knowledge of private matters that [the language teacher] came and told me about and now she is still at the consulate and while I have no job.

    Returning to the relationship between Moore and [the language teacher], I can testify that I have seen and heard everything because I was often present during the telephone conversations that happened between the two lovers, especially when I was acting as her driver in my personal car. In fact [the language teacher] told Mr. Moore that I was very helpful to her, bringing her to the consulate in the afternoons, (because she worked at a hospital in the morning) then in the afternoon she came to give Italian language lessons to Moore and other Americans.

    [The language teacher] always told me that when she was teaching Mr. Moore they always ended up having sex in his office. Then, Mr. Moore would invite her for lunch in the residence, and then suddenly tell his household staff to leave the residence (his butler _____ and two housekeepers _____ and _____) saying that he had important work to do. In your opinion, Mr. Councilor, what was this important work? It was to go to bed with [the language teacher]; and I am certain in this because [the language teacher], before going to the residence passed by the fourth floor where I worked and showed me the intimate underwear she was going to wear, because we had such a close and confidential rapport. She would use the emergency stairway from the fourth floor that is connected to the residence so that no one could see her go, except me. She often told me, “Listen _____, don’t say anything to anyone because Mr. Moore doesn’t trust these Americans.” I would respond, “Not to worry! I have not seen you!” This is how she climbed the stairs unseen by indiscreet eyes and saw her lover.

    [The language teacher] is very friendly with a certain _____, responsible for the security of the American Consulate. She confided in _____ who was fully aware of the relationship between Mr. Moore and [the language teacher]. He often said to her, “If you love him, what is the problem?” It was on a beautiful day that [the language teacher] come to the Consulate (in 2011), in tears and sobbing. She told me and _____ that Mr. Moore advised (forced is a more accurate term) to have an abortion, because he was already separated and had a son in France. And being career diplomat, he could not have these strong personal ties. [the language teacher], mortified and alone, was forced to turn to a gynecologist with an office on via Gramsci for an appointment that Mr. Moore had made to have an abortion. (The fetus was two months old.) But, Consul Moore had promised her that she would be able to remain working at the consulate without a problem. Meanwhile, _____, _____, _____ and I were unjustly fired from our jobs. When [the language teacher] told everything to [the security officer] she was told to stay away from Consul Moore because the Rome embassy security was investigating their private relationship and quietly ordered Mr. Moore to break off the relationship. But [the language teacher] told me that often still met Mr. Moore at her house when her daughter was not at home.

    Now I ask myself, why was I the “sacrificial goat” when others, (the security officer), Mrs. _____ and _____ were fully aware of the intimate and private details of their relationship. There are CCTV tapes that can confirm everything that I say. There are also the guards that saw me often accompanying [the language teacher] in my personal car. I could write a book about the relationship between this Italian-American couple, but how would the testimony of a man my age help, even though he knows so many bad details. Today I am without work, with a wife and two children to feed and a house in the hands of the bank. Still today I cannot believe that [the language teacher] and [the security officer] are living the good life.

    Some Questions

    And so while this could all be just made-up, we’ll conclude with a couple of questions.

    – The statements above are easily verifiable facts, and with plenty of suggested collaborating witnesses, that it would not require much effort at all for State to verify or dismiss the accusations quickly. Have they? If not, why not? You’d think that at a minimum they would want to be able to tell the Italian press that the accusations are baseless to preserve the image of the United States.

    – The most recent inspection of the embassy in Rome’s cafeteria noted “Valid complaints have been leveled at the cool temperatures of prepared foods,” so we do know that State is on top of the important things.

    – Why does the Consulate Naples still list Donald Moore as the Consul General on this page, while welcoming the new Consul General on this page (Moore was transferred to an obscure U.S. domestic position by the State Department)? The new Consul General has been there since September, following Moore’s coincidental departure around the time of the allegations.

    – Why does the State Department praise (p. 42) Naples for coordinating on behalf of Iranians “very smoothly with the Italian Embassy in Tehran to assist applicants who need Italian visas to attend their visa appointments in Naples.” Doing this work on behalf of Iranian visa applicants is a U.S. national interest because… ?

    – Why does a relatively minor U.S. government official like Moore in a tiny consulate have a butler, a driver and two maids paid for by the U.S. taxpayer? There are only ten Americans assigned to Naples anyway.

    – For that matter, why does the U.S. have a tiny consulate in a relatively unimportant city like Naples anyway? The U.S. already has a huge embassy in Rome, three consulates in other parts of Italy, plus three consular agencies (like small branch offices), plus a whole separate embassy with its own ambassador just for the Vatican. The U.S. State Department maintains in Italy a full-time staff of well-over 500 people, at an annual cost of over $97 million, because… ?

    Italy is about 116k square miles, roughly the size of California.

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  • Recent Comments

    • Rich Bauer said...


      “Mr. Moore always ended up having sex in his office.”

      Afternoon delight is perfectly acceptable behavior in Italy. He is guilty of going (after the) native.

      11/15/13 1:45 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      The Department’s HR “does not comment on personnel matters” — especially when the Department is defending the perpetrators, often a connected or higher level person

      The Department’s attorney is supposed to be neutral, so why is it the attorney will defend the perp and participate in destroying the career of the other party?

      The Department may not comment on “personnel matters,” but tolerates and encourages blacklisting employees, retaliation, hardballing, withholding work for employees who dare make a complaint

      The Department has its priorities fouled up, please remind me what it is again we are supposed to be defending and upholding?

      11/15/13 2:18 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      And would be interesting to hear why Diplomatic Security got involved and advised Ambassador Moore to cease the relationship. Is that normal in an EU country?

      11/15/13 2:21 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote:”You’d think that at a minimum they would want to be able to tell the Italian press that the accusations are baseless to preserve the image of the United States.”unquote

      Preserve. The image of the United States. right. And exactly what would that image be, hmmmm? Wait..wait..don’t tell me. Lady Liberty with a US flag waving behind her while the Star Spangled Banner plays in the background, right?

      I have a different image in mind.

      Speaking of baseless accusations..I wonder how all those Guantanamo detainees who’ve been “slated for release” are faring today. I bet they have a different “image” in mind as well.

      “The U.S. already has a huge embassy in Rome, three consulates in other parts of Italy, plus three consular agencies (like small branch offices), plus a whole separate embassy with its own ambassador just for the Vatican.”unquote

      The VATICAN? An embassy??? With an ambassador??
      When there is already one in ROME??

      WTF??? ..oh..wait. NOW I understand my image of the United States. DOH! Of course. Even Satan uses diplomacy. Hahahahahahahahaha!

      11/15/13 2:47 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote:”The Department has its priorities fouled up, please remind me what it is again we are supposed to be defending and upholding?:”unquote

      Prioritys? Hahahahahahahahaha! Kyzl..please..yer killing me.

      DoS has one priority only. To keep up the pretense of American exceptionalism while using hubris of biblical proportions to browbeat other nations for doing things the US does but will not admit. EVER.
      Unfortunately, the only people who meet the qualifications for high positions within DoS are sexual predators who lie through their teeth while blackmailing subordinates into sexual trysts during working hours knowing full well if they get caught their superiors will protect them with impunity lest the image of the United States become less than chromosomally aberrant pond scum. Fortunately, most of this planet already knows the USG is a psychopathic murderer run amok.
      However..psychopaths are experts in denial.

      11/15/13 5:52 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Dear Pitch,

      A few crimes have been committed here. Sexual misconduct while on the job is just one.

      The other is retaliation, against Ms Howard and her italian colleagues. Retaliation is illegal. To celebrate this fact, usually when you see the Department float that notice that Retaliation at work will not be tolerated, it is WHEN a case has been filed and appearances have to be kept up. It does not happen randomly. Somewhere, someone filed a retaliation complaint and ope! The Department has to come to bat, with it’s neutral laywer, to the defense of the person identified as the problem when that person is connected or a superior

      Covering up that retaliation is illegal too. That part requires institutional assistance and the use of department resources to carry out retaliation, which involves mustering a number of resources. A patterned process

      This process is exacerbated by this ambassador being propped up by awards issued per the Department. Ms Kerry and company have now attacked a sainted person in the system. There goes the official narrative, not to mention the allusion of sainthood

      The Department can claim this ambassador facilitated visas for Iranian applicants, like it cares or as if that is a game-changing accomplishment

      There’s no level playing field in this Department and the ‘mechanisms’ for pursuing any justice are seriously broken. President Obama, with all due respect, was dead wrong when he chided Snowden for going outside the system.

      11/15/13 10:28 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      *erm – illusion of sainthood

      11/15/13 10:29 PM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      The legitimates reason DS *should* have gotten involved is that such behaviour on the part of a US official is a security risk, opening him to blackmail. The reason they likely *did* get involved was to find out what happened so that it could be covered up effectively.

      11/16/13 12:11 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Speaking of cover-ups:

      “U.S. Sec. of State John Kerry made headlines with his recent admission that he does not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy almost 50 years ago this month. As part of an upcoming, week-long series and NBC documentary on the former president’s assassination, Kerry, who was a college student when Kennedy was killed, told Tom Brokaw: “To this day, I have serious doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I certainly have doubts that he was motivated by himself.”

      11/16/13 3:26 PM | Comment Link

    • captain caveman said...




      if you think this is only a secret service set of concerns then you haven’t been paying attention to a certain agency some comments here have referenced. cute that no one watches the watchers while they cheat on their spouses, abuse their authority, ‘fail’ to report sex with foreigners, drink and drive, lie about hours worked, etc.
      @PVB: “The reason they likely *did* get involved was to find out what happened so that it could be covered up effectively.” i’ve gathered that is the standard operating procedure unless they don’t like you or you don’t play nice with them tarnishing your professional/personal life otherwise you can just get called back to dc and hidden for a while then released into the wild to do your dirty deeds dirt cheap in some backwater post(s?). no oversight. no accountability. meanwhile i hear there are dozens of employees sitting around at home or in offices doing nothing 2, 3, 4 or more years waiting for an end to come. state seems to have a well earned reputation for not giving a damn about how it treats employees and if they can’t nail you to the railroad tracks via hr, they have one specific group they can call on to do it for them with no fear of a court reviewing those methods. how aren’t there more lawsuits or is it that they get settled to prevent any revelations of the illegal work practices?

      11/16/13 7:38 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      Rich Bauer said…

      quote:”Speaking of cover-ups…”unquote

      INDEED. Coverups. And today I found something so bizarre, so unbelievable, I had to post it here for all to see. And please forgive me, but I believe this is so important, I dare make a fool of myself doing so.
      When the Snowden revelations started appearing in the Guardian back in June, various people in the comment section started suggesting Snowden might have NSA documents on 9/11, and of all things..UFO’s. Now please bear with me. I have no reason to slight We Meant Well by posting what some may consider completely out of the context of this sites reporting. However, something happened this morning that you may want to consider, as it is almost beyond belief. At least to me.
      Every morning as I have my first cup of coffee, I usually scan Google news where there are articles linked by various news and online magazines. This morning, this article caught my attention.


      Within the article was this link:

      This is the actual site for NSA’s Information Assurance

      Look at the top where it says “Public Information”, and hover your curser over it and a pull down menu pops up. Go down to “Declassification and Transparency” and click on it.
      This comes up…


      The first thing I clicked on was United States vs Thomas Drake, which is the second item in the list. As if that doc wasn’t enough, after reading I scanned the list again. (You should read that one too. If anything, to see how some people at NSA WORSHIP ALEXANDER)

      Holy Mother of NSA.

      Down towards the middle of the list is “Unidentified Flying Objects”(UFO), and click on it.

      Go down to the bottom and click on #41

      Voila! Messages from space. Written by Dr. Howard Campaigne.
      I looked him up too. He was a mathematician who helped the British decode Nazi radio communications during WW11. Mindboggling.


      I was wondering why this was buried so far down in the NSA “disclosure” list.

      Now I know why. When I searched for info on the author..this came up.


      Now I’m REALLY wondering what the rest of Snowdens revelations contain.

      We now return you to your previously scheduled program…(that is if you can think about anything different now.)

      ps..on that site was a link to this too..


      11/17/13 2:55 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      ps..I posted that because my wife woke me up in the middle of the night two weeks ago, yelling at me to come outside. I jumped up an threw my robe on and went out on the back porch. HOLY MOTHERSHIPS!

      I couldn’t believe it. There, over the tops of the Manistee forest was a light the size of the moon. Only this wasn’t the moon. It had green, red and yellow light phasing on and off while the main white light lit up the whole forest. We watched it sit motionless for almost an hour. And then it began to get dimmer. Within a few minutes, it simply faded to the size of a star. Scared the bejezzus out of us. And then…we saw another one two nights later. Bizarre. Needless to say, this is why I posted this.

      11/17/13 3:50 PM | Comment Link

    • XPRT said...


      Nice to see Larry Kelly is still fighting.

      Disagree with the suggestion that a U.S. Consulate is not needed in Naples, though.

      The large U.S. military presence in the Naples area, including frequent visits by U.S. Navy ships, guarantees a lot of work for ACS and other consular services (visas for non-citizen spouses), plus country clearances, etc.

      Aside from that, the area is a historic source for Italian immigration to the USA.

      11/27/13 6:37 AM | Comment Link

    • b. traven said...


      It’s another sad story of corruption. no accountability and just outright incompetence throughout all of our government’s many operations.It is truly an Augean stable that is getting more and more filled up with you know what. Our two political parties are by and large Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Who will clean out the stables?

      12/19/13 9:41 PM | Comment Link

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