• FBI Takes Over Consulate Naples Case

    December 10, 2013

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    For those who have enjoyed our coverage of the allegations of sex, false expense claims and forced resignations at the U.S. Consulate in Naples (and if you have not read the story, catch up here and here), there is good news: according to sources close to the case, the FBI has now stepped in.

    Following allegations that then-Consul General Donald Moore had a sexual relationship with an employee, submitted false expense claims, served out-of-date food to official guests and saw long-time employees fired in what some claim are retaliatory acts when they tried to expose his shenanigans, the State Department followed its standard procedures:

    –express “concern” and promise a full investigation;
    –transfer the alleged perp to another cushy assignment (a “pivot”);
    –pressure the whistleblower into quitting;
    –sweep the rest under the rug. Movin’ on for more 21st century diplomacy.

    The problem with this one is that it did not go away. The whistleblower, instead of fading as State counted on, found proper legal representation and filed charges. State actually loves when people try to work through its system– it gives them a chance to express more “concern” and promise more full investigation, all the while hoping the whistleblower either gives up with time or that the length of the it-ain’t-gonna-conclude “investigation” bleeds her dry in fees and despair.

    However, as in so many things, State’s 19th century model is outdated. The Naples story was picked up by the media, including a major New York newspaper and, with exclusive access to witness reports, this blog. The old model of keeping reporters compliant by hand-feeding them bon mots from the Secretary does not matter outside of the usual sleepers at the networks. Public pressure does not always work, but sometimes it does. The FBI stepped in and, we are told, is on the ground in Naples conducting the investigation State planned on avoiding.

    See ya’ next time, Department of State!

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    • Lafcadio said...


      That crackling noise was Pat Kennedy’s sphincter tightening up.

      12/10/13 3:52 PM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      Really? He can still manage to pinch it closed after all these years? Impressive.

      12/10/13 3:54 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      “That crackling noise was Pat Kennedy’s sphincter tightening up. ”

      Patrick Kennedy … again. It’s time for reform of HR practices

      Per standard procedures, did State circulate the “No Fear” notice again at the same time it pressured the whistleblower to resign?

      Funny how EU posts become a dumping ground for the bad boys and girls who have connections, the unofficial truly protected category.

      Did Moore work in the Sudan too?

      12/10/13 4:02 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      While this is probably good news for the victim, I ain’t holding my breath..at least as far as the FBI is concerned. And you know why.

      However, with my apologies to Peter for posting OT stuff, in the best We Meant Well tradition of exposing the REAL Department of State, today a new chapter in the “Torture Games” began, as a blog post by Jeff Kaye at Firedoglake exploded on the net like stink on shit. At least as far as I am concerned.


      While I have endeavored to keep myself abreast of the continuing documentation of USG war crimes since 9/11, I wasn’t prepared for this. To Mr. Kayes credit, the depth of documentation is astounding. However, one held a particular level of insight into our deranged governments historical attempts to cover-up war crimes.


      All I can say is…whatever I believed before reading this is NOTHING compared to what I believe now. Notwithstanding 60 years of coverups, I now understand the true nature of the USG, the military, and of interest to this blog, the State Department. If you read every single link, you will see, STATE is at the heart of every single diabolical coverup to this day. Sexcapades?..Bah! Reprisals? Bah! Employee scandals? Bah!
      In reality, every single Secretary of State is a liar of biblical proportions, if not totally complicit to every single war crime perpetrated in our name since this nation was founded.

      bartender, this calls for the best in the house.

      12/10/13 5:32 PM | Comment Link

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