• May 3: Speaking at the Woody Guthrie Center in Oklahoma

    May 2, 2014

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    Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99PercentI am honored to speak about my new book at Woody Guthrie Center in Oklahoma, on May 3, as part of their anniversary celebration. Details here.

    The Center holds many of Woody’s papers, including the original, hand-written lyrics of “This Land is Your Land.” The Center’s mission– providing examples of Woody’s creativity in expressing the world around him, and to encourage others to find their voices and the power that lies within the creative process, echoes my own thoughts.

    Woody was (in)famous for a sign on his guitar that read “This Machine Kills Fascists.” In fact, somewhat to the chagrin of Mrs. We Meant Well, I dedicate my new book, Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99Percent, to Woody, riffing off his own statement of purpose to say “This Book Kills Fascists.”

    I am honored because Woody Guthrie is a hero of mine. He represents whatever is left inside of me that has a little peek at optimism, despite all the pain and suffering and horrible turns of government I’ve seen and experienced. Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99 Percent doesn’t have a word per se about Woody Guthrie, but if I’ve done my job right, every word is about Woody Guthrie. There is no doubt that Woody would be standing with Occupy and others today. It is good to once in awhile replenish our anger and hope with the blood of a true patriot.

    More about Woody and Tom Joad…

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      Are you available to speak at the Rutgers graduation? Miss Ricerroni, the San Francisco treat, got cold feet.

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