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    April 13, 2011

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    Don and Saddam If there was any good to come out of ignorant pecker Haupt Fuerher Rumsfeld’s memoirs, it was that Dandy Don conveniently declassified and then posted on the web the Pentagon documents he wanted to use in his book.

    Rumsfeld didn’t use everything he asked for, and web site Gawker cleverly FOIA’ed the remainders. One of the best of the bunch is a 2004 memo Donny commissioned on bad things he wanted to believe didn’t/wouldn’t happen in Iraq.

    Some of the didn’t happen things were red herrings, like attacks with the WMDs that never existed. But have a look at these howlers:

    Iraq descends into anarchy

    Iraq becomes Balkanized

    There are mass Iraqi casualties

    The oil infrastructure is severely damaged or destroyed

    There is widespread vigilante justice

    Shia holy sites are damaged or destroyed

    There is a dramatic surge in terrorist recruitment

    Oops, Iraq is still in a semi-anarchic state, Kurdistan is an independent nation in all but name, over 100k Iraqis are dead since liberation, oil production struggles to exceed pre-freedom rates, vigilante justice is about the only justice Iraq has, multiple Shia holy sites have been whacked and Iraq is a beacon for terrorist recruitment– AQI just sold their billionth burger.

    (Hah, hah, see, it’s funny ’cause all those things were happening by 2004 [the memo was written after the four Blackwater mercs were killed in Fallujah] or soon would happen.)

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