• MidEast Govt. Fires on Own Citizens

    April 18, 2011

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    No, it's pronounced "Boehner," not "Boner."Alert NATO to schedule another bombing run against a corrupt Middle Eastern government that uses foreign-equipped paramilitary police forces to fire into crowds of protesters outside their own homes.

    Oops. It was Iraq. Iraqi police shot seven people in Sulaimaniya yesterday. At least nine protesters have been killed since Feb. 17 in antigovernment demonstrations in the semiautonomous Kurdish region. No official reaction from NATO or the US for the same government actions that result in bombing runs and sanctions in neighboring countries.

    You can see a clippet of video from the protests on America’s prime news source, YouTube.

    American Idol Prime Minister Maliki met in Baghdad on Saturday with orange-colored circus freak John A. Boehner (R – Tears of a Clown), and said that “The Iraqi armed and security forces are able to handle the responsibility of maintaining security and work in a professional way.” Boehner issued no statement but no doubt will encourage Republicans to oppose weather, daylight and the force of gravity.



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