• Embassy Baghdad Employee Stole $250k

    April 19, 2011

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    HomerAn Embassy Baghdad employee was found guilty yesterday of stealing nearly $250,000 intended for the payment of shipping and customs services. Criminal mastermind and Jordanian resident Osama “Dr. Evil” Esam Saleem Ayesh was hired by the Department of State as a shipping and customs supervisor at Embassy Baghdad. He oversaw shipments of personal property of embassy personnel.

    According to court records, Ayesh used his State Department office computer (Doh!) to create a phony email account in the name of a real Iraqi contractor and used that account to impersonate the contractor in communications with sharp-eyed embassy procurement officials (Doh!) in his own office (Doh!) He also cleverly established a bank account in Jordan under his wife’s name (Doh!) From November 2008 to June 2010, Ayesh submitted false invoices which he fabricated on blank stationery kept in his embassy apartment (Doh!) and caused the Department of State to wire money to his wife’s account in Jordan for almost two years without being caught (Doh!)

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