• Rock the Look that Shook Guantanamo!

    April 26, 2011

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    watch of deathYou too can rock the terrorist look!

    According to horse whisperers quoted in the New Yorker referencing information absolutely not from Wiki-something, one of the signs of a terrorist was that he wore a Casio F91W watch. As much as it seems like a stupid joke, in fact persons were captured and sent to Guantanamo on mere fragments of nothing, including what type of wristwatch they wore.

    While in US custody, here are signs, according to the files, that a prisoner is dangerous: attitude toward the Star Spangled Banner; having been caught wearing a Casio F91W watch; perceived support for fellow inmates who committed suicide (there have been five).

    It is almost too shameful to believe, but it seems to be true. The information is confirmed by the good Wiki, Wikipedia, here.

    The advantages of this model watch to a terrorist are detailed in statements given at Guantanamo, to include: it has a compass for aiming prayers toward Mecca and is waterproof, handy when performing ablutions before prayer. US intel claimed the watch was often used as a timer in bombs, as among other things, the watch told time.

    Now you too can rock the look that shook Guantanamo! Radical Muslim organization Amazon.com offers the very chic evil¬†Casio Men’s F91W-1 Classic Black Digital Resin Strap Watch for about $11, and it qualifies for free super saver shipping.

    Jeez, I thought only dorks and nerds wore watches like this. Who knew?

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