• Deadliest Day Since 2009 for US in Iraq

    June 6, 2011

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    Sadly, another five Americans lost their lives today in Iraq.

    Details are limited at the moment, no doubt pending next of kin notifications, but Iraqi security officials said the troops died when three rockets hit near their living quarters at a joint US-Iraqi base in the Baladiyat neighborhood (southeastern Baghdad) where US forces were partnering with Ministry of Interior troops.

    The overall US death tool is now 4459 lives lost.

    The deaths mark the deadliest day for the US in Iraq since 2009, and may be a dark sign of things to come. The State Department is scheduled to take over the training missions the soldiers were executing, albeit using contractors not diplomats for the mission.

    Elsewhere in Iraq, a total of twenty non-American people were killed in Tikrit and the capital Monday morning. On Friday, attacks at a mosque and at a Tikrit hospital killed 23 people and wounded 60.

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