• UNHCR: US Created Half World’s Refugees Via War

    June 29, 2011

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    As we approach the sacred July 4 holiday here in the US of A, here is yet another reason to be proud of America’s wars of choice. The UN High Commission on Refugees reports that America’s wars continue to create many of the world’s refugees: 4.7m originate from Iraq and Afghanistan, almost half the world’s total.

    But we give as well as we take. Since the US started accepting refugees from the freedom of Iraq in FY 2007, we have taken in 58,811 of them fellas.

    And just like us real Americans, those Iraqi refugees don’t have no jobs. It’s patriotism! Actually, because they are especially patriotic, unemployment among Iraqi refugees is estimated at nearly three times the national average of 9 percent, and up to 2,000 of those who arrived in the past four years may have left for other countries.

    Not everyone wants Iraqis to live in America enjoying the fruits of our nationwide craze of unemployment. Senator Rand Paul has taken exception to the number of Iraqi refugees who have been granted asylum in the United States. “There’s a democratic government over there, and I think they need to be staying and helping rebuild their country,” he said. “We don’t need them over here on government welfare. Why are we admitting 18,000 people per year for political asylum from Iraq, which is an ally of ours?”

    It’s actually a pretty good question.

    Stand tall, Americans!

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