• Interview: How I Helped Lose Hearts and Minds in Iraq

    July 13, 2011

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    Journalist Kelley B. Vlahos, of Antiwar.com and Fox News, recently interviewed Peter about his work at the State Department and of course, the book.

    Vlahos wrote:

    We Meant Well, appears to be one part exposé, one part confession, because when talking to Peter, it’s clear (not just from the title) that he wants you to know that for a time, he willingly participated in the failure of US policy in Iraq and truly believes that if he does not tell his story, the government will continue to repeat the same mistakes in Afghanistan, unchecked by an American public kept largely in the dark about the ugly facts on the ground.

    Van Buren is not your typical American bureaucrat. As a foreign service officer with the U.S. State Department, he does not put his head down, he does not keep his mouth closed, and he doesn’t put his 23-year career in front of the good of the country.

    He remains one of the few American bloggers still devoted to talking about the War in Iraq. To him, it is all of a piece, Afghanistan and Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, so-called modern counterinsurgency.

    Read the whole interview at Antiwar.com.

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