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    July 14, 2011

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    On its own lame ass “blog“, the State Department believes it is working hard to build networks and communicate with people around the world. Knowing the power of social media because she is a cool dude down with young people, SecState Hillary Rodham Clinton bleated out talking points that said:

    “I want to say a few words, but more than 140 characters, about the importance of social media tools, like Twitter, which are a critical part of what I at the State Department call 21st century statecraft. Thanks to these connection technologies, people can exchange ideas and information instantaneously, anywhere on the planet — from a laptop in London to a cell phone in Cairo.”

    It works in London and Cairo, but not in Baghdad. If you visit the Twitter site of the World’s Largest Embassy (c), you find, sadly, the message “@USEmbBaghdad hasn’t tweeted yet.”

    Still, they have 111 followers of nothing (a zen thing), which is more than I have on my Twitter, so I should not be rude. Many of the followers of zen are journalists, no doubt hoping for the beast to stir, as well as those trolling for jobs and visas. One follower claims to be a Pakistani web designer, so there may be hope for the site yet. A few heroic FSOs, no doubt seeing another opportunity to suck up, are listed as well.

    Maybe the World’s Largest Embassy (c) needs one more person on staff, a teenager who can do the Twitter.

    Tweet on, for freedom!

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