• US Provides Iraq with Super Surveillance System

    August 3, 2011

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    So what do all those bad boy US special operators do in Iraq these days?

    They whack people. They hunt down individual bad guys and kill them. The bin Laden raid was a varsity-level operation of this type, but night after night such raids, albeit on a much smaller scale, are taking place in Iraq (as in Afghanistan) to pop bomb makers and local cell leaders. The fighting in Iraq has moved from mass operations to very specific killings on both sides.

    A Shiite militia has no need to target a marketplace when what they really want to do is whack one specific Sunni police captain hassling them. The US, with its vast, frightening and ever-growing surveillance machine, doesn’t need to carpet bomb a village when a ten man special ops team can motor in one night, knowing they Shiite militia commander they want to murder is at home, second floor, back bedroom, on the phone to his Qods Force controller (also being whacked simultaneously).

    It was always thought that the array of electronics needed to do this kind of thing will stay with the special forces in Iraq and/or be quietly slipping through the night sky far, far above. But now it seems the US will gift Iraq with such capabilities, useful of course not only for Iraq’s dirty work, but conveniently there for America as well.

    The United States is planning to provide the Iraqi government with a wiretapping system to eavesdrop on cellular calls and messages “to assist in combating criminal organizations and insurgencies,” according to a US Air Force contract solicitation reported in the Washington Post.

    The proposed system would allow Iraqi officials to monitor and store voice calls, data transmissions and text messages.

    Ah yes, preparing the battlefield for 12/31/2011, when US forces will sort of, maybe, kinda leave Iraq.

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    • Jimbo said...


      Oh, what a wonderful world it will be–when all governments around the globe can take advantage of this convenient technology to fight “bad guys.” What could possibly go wrong??

      08/3/11 1:18 PM | Comment Link

    • Brooks Anderson said...



      Just writing to commend you for your courage and for speaking out. I greatly enjoyed your interview on Tomcast/Tom Dispatch, and am very eager to read your book.

      I hope more FSOs follow your example.

      Brooks Anderson

      08/4/11 4:03 AM | Comment Link

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