• Crocker: What an Ass

    September 15, 2011

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    Ryan Crocker is an ass. He is also America’s ambassador to Afghanistan. Following the all-day Taliban assault on the American Embassy in Kabul, Crocker said:

    “If this is the best they can do, I find both their lack of ability and capacity and the ability of Afghan forces to respond to it actually encouraging in this whole transition process.”

    Crocker went on to describe the attack as “harassment” and “not a very big deal”.

    Let’s do a little thinking here, shall we? First of all, US leaders have a poor record of egging on foreign fighters. How well did grunting “Bring ’em on!” work out when George Bush said it regarding Iraq? When he said it, only 23 Americans had died in Iraq. 4474 dead Americans and eight years later, he is still eating those words. Crocker will have his turn as well.

    Second, gee, what’s it been for our war in Afghanistan, TEN FUCKING YEARS Ryan? After ten years of fighting, trillions of dollars, thousands of lives and umpteen training missions for the Afghan cops, the Taliban can still stage a coordinated attack in central Kabul? That does not seem like a lack of ability or capability. The BBC described the attack as the most complex ever by the Taliban, but what do they know.

    As for the Afghan cops (and whatever contracted, booze hound mercenaries pass for Embassy security), the attackers set up shop in a high rise building NEXT to the Embassy, unnoticed. The attackers are believed to have spent a number of days accumulating weapons in the unfinished tower block. The BBC in Kabul says officials think some of them may have been working as laborers on the building site for several weeks. Typically, you’d want to praise security that notices such things and be concerned about security that does not.

    In fact, one reporter stated:

    The really striking thing about climbing inside the building is the views you get from the top of it. Straight in front, I can see the US embassy – a very clear line of sight, just behind the Isaf headquarters. The insurgents were well planned and well supplied, but they also knew this was perhaps one of the best spots in Kabul from which to mount this assault, and be able to attack all those high-value targets.

    Harassment? Not a big deal Crocker? The dead included 11 civilians, among them children, along with at least four police and 10 insurgents. Nato has confirmed six International Security Assistance Force personnel were injured. It is probably a big deal to the parents of the dead kids but then again, they are only Afghan kids so who really cares, right? Most would end up dying in a drone attack before they turned 18 anyway.

    Hey Crocker, by the way, how much work got done in the Embassy when your whole staff spent 20 hours huddled in bunkers, terrified for their lives? Take a quick poll in the cafeteria on how many of them think the attack was no big deal.

    Just three days ago, Crocker said “The biggest problem in Kabul is traffic.”

    Ryan, we all know you are a big stud who speaks just wonderful Arabic. But before making any more public statements, better check with your translator: what’s the Pashto term for “Tet“?

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