• Diplopundit Reviews We Meant Well

    September 22, 2011

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    The inside-the-Beltway must-read blog Diplopundit posted a review of We Meant Well.

    The writer had some nice things to say:

    It’s easy to see why the folks in Foggy Bottom will be none to pleased with the stories in this book.

    Learning from one’s mistakes is one of life’s most important skills. And if we are really serious about learning the mistakes of nation building in Iraq, Peter Van Buren’s book should be required reading not just for decision makers but for everyone heading to those PRT gigs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan and where ever else it is we are conducting reconstruction and stabilization efforts these days.

    In addition to being an engaging storyteller, the author was smart enough not to fill his book with too much government jargon and acronyms that you need a dictionary just to read it. People back home, if they’d bother to pick up the book will find it a fast read. It is also a book that will be a helpful addition to our understanding of what is wrong in Iraq, provided that we care and want to know. For the plenty squeezed and suffering American taxpayers, this would be a hard book to read.

    Read the whole review here.

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