• “How I Helped Lose Hearts and Minds” Author Under Fire

    September 27, 2011

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    From Antiwar.com:

    The Net is abuzz today with the irony, that Peter Van Buren, a 23-year foreign service officer with the U.S Department of State, may be the only department personnel to be fired over the WikiLeaks’ scandal. Van Buren, who just published the book, We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Iraqi People this week, relayed in a powerful column at TomDispatch this morning how he was called in, interrogated and accused of disclosing classified material. His crime? Embedding links to WikiLeaked cables in a post on his personal blog.

    The State Department is going after the messenger, but we need to keep a laser focus on the message: that our post-invasion efforts to “reconstruct” Iraq in the name of “counterinsurgency” has been a gigantic failure, the proportions of which we will still be measuring for years to come.

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    • Saigo Takamori said...



      You can drape yourself in the flag of the 1st amendment when it comes to the blog and book, but in my humble opinion you crossed a line when you posted links to classified material. As a security clearance holder, you know that you have no business pointing your readers in the direction of classified information.

      It doesn’t matter if it was on Wikileaks, you have a responsibility to protect classified information. If it wasn’t declassified by the USG, it’s still classified.

      I have an FSN in Iraq who’s life is now in jeopardy because of Wikileaks. While the original sin wasn’t your fault, when you direct people to explore Wikileaks, you’ve become part of the problem. There’s enough open source material for you to make your case against the Department for fraud, waste, and a abuse, but why on earth do you feel compelled to put people’s lives at risk?

      You should be fired. Not because you’re been critical of the Department, but because you’ve done so without any regard for your colleagues who are trying to do the right thing.


      09/28/11 12:45 AM | Comment Link

    • Gabe said...


      Bush, Clinton, Obama, gates, congress etc put peoples lives at risk by lying us into these wars. This blogger is just revealing more of the rot and corruption, so hopefully we can end our ridiculous foreign policies and prevent further loss of life.

      I agree with you on one matter, the taxpayers need to fire lots of government workers so the tax parasites can join us people in the productive sector, people who make a living doing work that others voluntarily pay us for without threats from the IRS.

      09/28/11 4:27 PM | Comment Link

    • Gabe said...


      He has a responsibility to protect the constitution & the taxpayer. The war is unconstitutional and the taxpayer is being robbed, he is trying to let us know. If you keep secrets for thieves you are guilty of collusion and treason.

      09/28/11 6:55 PM | Comment Link

    • Gabe said...


      We are ALL in danger because we have corrupt & out of control government. Sorry your frn is in danger, tell them to go AWOL amd get home quickly, they must have been tricked into this war. Orr they must like taking our money, either way…would be happy for their return.

      09/28/11 6:58 PM | Comment Link

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