• Quick Corruption Update: $192k, Afghanistan

    October 5, 2011

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    Not to disturb anyone’s TV viewing, but a former senior construction manager pleaded guilty today to seeking $190,000 in payments as a reward for steering U.S.-funded contracts in Afghanistan.

    Neil P. Campbell, 61, of Queensland, Australia, pleaded guilty today in U.S. District Court to one count of accepting an illegal payment. According to court records, starting in January 2009, Campbell worked in Afghanistan as a contractor and acted as an agent for the International Organization on Migration. The IOM has received more than $260 million in your taxpayer money from USAID since 2002 to construct hospitals, schools and other facilities.

    And also to pay bribes. Thank you for your time citizens, and we’ll return now to your normal programming.

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    • Kabuli said...


      Not only IOM, dear Mr van Buren, received bribes from US taxpayers’ money.
      Please do not forget the US contractors themselves, for the rampant corruption in this country, is first of all fuelled by your government, which then sanctimoneously admonishes Karzai and other Afghans to ‘stop corruption’.

      In any corruption case there are two culprits, the ones who receive, but also those who give.
      In the case of US government and its various arms, whether USAID, the army, the bloody PRTs, private contractors or whatever, that goes from distributing candies to kids (oh yes, that it where the corruption of otherwise dignified people starts), all the way to bribes to insurgents and government officials alike.

      Today it is 10 years since this pathetic mess started and noone seems to give a damn, including your actual president, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, champion of broken promises!

      A wonderful country and wonderful people ruined for generations to come, through boundless greed, boundless callousness and boundless stupidity..

      10/7/11 5:21 PM | Comment Link

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