• Saddam’s Butt for Sale

    October 12, 2011

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    The bronze butt from the statue of late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein toppled in Firdos Square after the US-led invasion in 2003 is to be auctioned in Britain for charity.

    Nigel “Spud” (really) Ely was working with media covering the fall of Baghdad at the time. He said the Marines gave him permission to remove the piece using a crowbar.

    “The Marines had a cordon of tanks to guard the square. But I wanted some of Saddam’s bum and when I mentioned that I was an old soldier and with the press they told me, ‘No problem, help yourself,'” Ely said. “I only wanted a something big enough to put in my pocket, but I ended up with a chunk about two foot square.”

    Saddam’s bronze butt is expected to sell for at least $15,000, the most paid for a piece of ass since Charlie Sheen last weekend.

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