• Let’s Watch Qaddafi Get Killed on YouTube

    October 20, 2011

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    You earned this America!

    Even more, with extra gore for freedom!

    So many of our wars nowadays never seem to end. Sure, we hung Saddam but that was botched. Nobody was executed in Afghanistan, and those black and white wars like Korea and Vietnam sucked.

    Wouldn’t it be great is everything ended this way? Super Bowl defeated quarterback dragged behind a truck, Presidential debates end with losers beaten to death, bad evaluations at the office finish with execution. Man, that would be so cool. Time to change the channel now, “Situation Room” is on.

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    • MattieB said...


      You’re right. And I need to say another thing:

      Secretary Clinton needs to stick to the talking points and not improvise. Guess this never struck me so forcefully before, but that “we came, we saw, he died” was appalling. That’s her idea of somber, responsible, and dignified?

      Even the earlier “wow,” upon learning that Qaddafi may have died was …. I don’t know, asinine.

      And mocking Herman Cain in Kabul yesterday…arrogant, snide, awkward. I’m not a fan of the amiable, foreign policy-ignorant Herman Cain, or of his politics, but mocking someone like that just makes the mocker look really small.

      Kind of a series of bad insights into what our top diplomat is really like, at least that’s my impression. The gloating at the dictator’s death was the worst.

      10/21/11 1:29 AM | Comment Link

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