• Six Degrees of Condi Rice

    November 3, 2011

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    Condi wrote a book (mostly) about the Iraq War.

    I wrote a book (mostly) about the Iraq War.

    Condi is using the media to sell her book. She was on the Daily Show the other night.

    I am using the media to sell my book. I was on a small NPR station the other night.

    Condi says that she was right about the war, and that she is proud she pushed the State Department into the field for Iraq’s reconstruction.

    I say she was a lying scab about the war, and that she helped destroy the State Department by sinking too many of her limited staff into the sucking pit of the World’s Largest Embassy (c) in Baghdad and neglecting America’s foreign relations with the rest of the planet.

    Condi is always welcome at the State Department.

    I am banned from entering the State Department building.

    Condi helped start a war that has, so far, killed 4479 Americans, over 100,000 Iraqis and cost America trillions of dollars. She sits on the board of Chevron and has an appointment at Stanford.

    I have never started a war and never killed anyone. The State Department is trying to fire me.

    Let’s break the pattern here:

    Please don’t read Condi’s book.

    Please read my book.

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    • aha said...


      You and Ms. Condi should have been invited to the same segment of the Daily Show; that’s what I told Jon. Or her, then you and see how much kaboom would displaced her fine well constructed hair, er, herstory.

      She was right about the war? What universe is she on, the wacky planet next to Pluto?

      11/3/11 5:10 PM | Comment Link

    • rosemerry said...


      I loved your book and would rather spend six months on a FOB than touch the tomes from Rice, Bush, Blair, Cheney et al.

      11/5/11 9:37 PM | Comment Link

    • savinia said...


      Just reading your book at the moment. Compelling reading. What a total debacle that war has been. No winners anywhere. Keep up the good work. The more people who speak out the better.
      I would have thought you would the ideal candidate to appear on the Daily Show. I hope they are aware of your book. i’ll keep watching out for your appearance.

      11/9/11 12:25 AM | Comment Link

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