• Americans Die in Terror Attacks

    November 15, 2011

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    Yes, but not so many.

    Of the reported 13,186 deaths through acts of terrorism in 2010, only 15 were civilian Americans (the report does not count US military deaths).

    Of those 15 private American Citizens who died at the hands of terror, 13 died in Afghanistan (where we have been at war for ten years), 1 in Iraq (war for eight+ years) and 1 in Uganda (our newest war, soldiers dispatched just last month).

    The overall non-American largest number of deaths by terror acts was in Iraq, 3364 killed, followed by Afghanistan with 3002. Recall that Iraq was liberated by the US in 2003 with the defeat of Saddam, Afghanistan in 2001 with the defeat of the Taliban.

    It would appear that the ongoing, ever-lasting War on Terror has been, um, active. Like the War on Drugs (we have more drugs) and the War on Poverty (more of that, too), the War on Terror seems to keep killing people. Unfortunately, most of the deaths at the hands of terrorists seem to take place in the countries the US has liberated. This could be why we are unwelcome there?

    The data reported above comes from the US Government’s National Counter Terrorism Center, NCTC, from its undisclosed location (it really has no actual address, it really is a honking huge office complex in a not disclosed place except for all its employees and everyone who lives anywhere near it).

    So please do not write in to me arguing about the statistics or the methods. Contact your local National Counter Terrorism Center, if you can find one.

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