• Cost of APEC in Hawaii

    November 20, 2011

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    In addition to providing the means, motive and method for a State Department official to shoot and kill a man in a Waikiki McDonalds, as well as video of a nearly-naked man running behind your Secretary of State with the flaming torch, the recently concluded APEC meeting in Hawaii was supposed to be a boon to the local economy. With the world economy depressed, Hawaii, which sees most of its income come from tourism, was supposed to benefit from all the media attention and rich dignitaries in town for the summit.

    It may not have worked out that way. Hawaii blog “Random Thoughts” writes:

    Conditions on the ground ended up being quite different from what was supposed to occur. Normal social and business activities were, in fact, so disrupted that local businesses had to close their doors for the week of the summit and residents stocked up on food so that they would not have to face the hours of sitting in their cars, waiting for their car to be searched, every time they wanted to leave or re-enter residential areas to go grocery shopping.

    Worse yet, local business owners are suing APEC over the loss of business they experienced.

    The Clubhouse Honolulu Restaurant is right across the street from the Hawaii Convention Center. They bought signs welcoming the APEC guests but instead were greeted by barriers. “Sure enough not a single person showed up here,” said Ernie Inada, Clubhouse Honolulu President. “The police actually blocked the entrance to my parking lot. I could not even come into my parking lot.”

    Read more on Random Thoughts. Aloha!

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    • teri said...


      Dear Mr. van Buren,
      Thank you very much for mentioning the economic hit Hawaii took during the APEC summit. I have only one very minor correction to what you have written – I am located in Maryland, not in Hawaii. I have acquaintances and relatives in Ha. who brought the Deedy case to my attention. References to the case are sparse on the mainland. As a matter of fact, I ended my post with a link to your original on the matter, as you raise the same questions I had and which absolutely no “mainstream” reporters seemed to go near; that is, when any of them bothered to write on the case at all. Although the case has not even been heard yet, I have no doubt reporting from the MSM will dry up completely now.
      Thank you and indeed, aloha.

      11/25/11 12:28 PM | Comment Link

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