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    November 22, 2011

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    Bradley Manning can receive mail and (money order) donations now, with some very specific restrictions/conditions. However, if you wish to contact him you can. Follow the rules on his lawyer’s website.

    After over 530+ days in captivity, Manning gets his first appearance, albeit at a military court, next month. Ironically, the appearance is simply a placeholder formality to determine if grounds exist to move forward. Yeah, right, after all this time, maybe it was all just a mistake, right?

    From my own experience with prison correspondence rules, they are very specific and the people who administer them are very particular. Think about it– that is not a job sought by free spirits and creative thinkers. If the restriction says no more than five pages, they mean it. Prison administrators will either return the entire six page letter to you, destroy it, or at least throw away the last page. Don’t waste time writing in to Bradley’s busy lawyer (as people are doing on his blog) asking about exceptions, or “what five pages” really means.

    Also, prisoners pretty much anywhere can’t receive goods. If you want to help Bradley with pens, stamps or whatever, follow the rules and send him a money order he can use at the prison store.

    The good news is that this means Bradley is aware of the support he is receiving outside, as well as having some minimal situational awareness of what is going on in the world around him.

    More info also from the Bradley Manning Support Network.

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    • MattieB said...


      Feel so bad for this guy. P.J. Crowley was right.

      At para 4 you must mean “send him a money order,” not send ME a money order.”

      Your situation ain’t good but Manning’s is a million times worse – he needs the money orders and letters.

      Must be a typo.

      11/22/11 10:24 PM | Comment Link

    • Administrator said...


      It was a typo and should be fixed. DO NOT send me money for Bradley, send it to him directly following the instructions.

      Thank you for catching this stupid mistake!

      11/22/11 10:28 PM | Comment Link

    • Paul Lee said...


      Freedom lovers around the world love Bradley Manning- an icon for freedom. We wish him the very best and hope he will be freed soon.

      11/25/11 12:02 AM | Comment Link

    • Wayne Sunday said...


      I want to send Bradley a birthday card and a holiday greeting card. What is his exact address?

      12/7/11 4:06 PM | Comment Link

    • Administrator said...


      Bradley Manning 89289
      830 Sabalu Road
      Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

      See the rules at http://www.bradleymanning.org/learn-more/write-to-bradley-manning

      12/7/11 4:31 PM | Comment Link

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