• Hawaii State Department Shooter Pleads Not Guilty, Faces Civil Suit

    November 23, 2011

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    State Department Diplomatic Security “special” Agent Chris Deedy pleaded not guilty but was otherwise silent at his first court appearance in Hawaii. An Oahu grand jury indicted Deedy Wednesday for second-degree murder and using a firearm to commit a crime.

    Michael Green, who represents the victim’s family, said he served Deedy with a notice of the family’s civil suit and that he also plans another suit in federal court because he believes Deedy was on duty when the shooting occurred. Rumors online say the whole incident was captured on security camera video.

    Oops. That’s a rap for second degree murder, a likely wrongful death suit ($$$$$$) and for good luck, a suit against his employer, the Department of State ($$$$$$).

    Deedy’s lawyer will ask for a 90 day continuance due to a schedule conflict, so it may be a while before this case comes to trial.

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