• A Biden Gaffe in Iraq?

    December 4, 2011

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    Joe Biden, limping through his victory lap in Iraq, is always known as a whacky guy, one who might at any moment commit what the press loves to call a “gaffe.” Here’s what Joe said at Camp Victory outside Baghdad:

    The Iraqi people will not, have not, and will not again yield to any external domination, and they would never abide another nation violating their sovereignty by funding and directing militias that use Iraqi terrain for proxy battles that kill innocent Iraqi civilians.

    Let’s look at this from a gaffe perspective:

    1) The location is called Camp Victory. Not Joe’s gaffe, but hilarious nonetheless.

    2) Joe said “will not, have not, and will not again” which does not even make any rhetorical sense. If they didn’t “will not” once they certainly can’t “will not again.”

    3) When Joe says “will not again yield to any external domination” he is apparently referring to how it was good that Iraq yielded to external domination by the US, but how it would be bad if they did it again with anyone else. They’re our bitch, bitches! Joe seems to say.

    4) Joe is threatening the Iranians, warning them against violating the sovereignty of Iraq, a country the US invaded and occupied in clear violation of sovereignty.

    5) Also, over 100,000 Iraqis died during America’s occupation.

    So is it a gaffe? Sorry Joe, not this time. Stupid, ignorant, head-up-the-ass jingoistic imperial conceit logic, but no gaffe. Try again!

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