• More Iraq Violence

    December 11, 2011

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    A nice, steady drumbeat of violence marking the end of the US military’s time in Iraq continues with nine killed Saturday.

    — In Kirkuk, a Shiite Turkman chemicals specialist for the state-owned North Oil Company was killed by a magnetic “sticky bomb” attached to his car.

    — Also in Kirkuk, a civilian was killed in a gun attack.

    — In Baghdad, a Sunni Sahwa member was killed and a policeman was wounded by a gun attack on a checkpoint in Saidiyah.

    — In Babil province a civilian was killed by gunmen.

    — In a separate incident in Babil, three people were wounded by two katyusha rockets that had been intended for a nearby US military base.

    — Two men were also killed in Diyala.

    — In Mosul, police said a taxi driver was killed by gunmen.

    — Also, in Mosul, a lawyer was gunned down as he left the courthouse.

    — A cop was killed in the same city, with witnesses stating that the deceased “had many shots in his body, which was thrown on the side of the street.”

    — Four Water Resources Department employees were kidnapped in Samarra.

    Otherwise, all full speed ahead towards democracy.

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      Listened to you on NPR the other day, and I can’t wait to read your book. I too am a writer. Good luck with it.

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