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    December 12, 2011

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    If you’re drinking heavily these days trying to forget the whole Iraq War now that the media is again full of images from that crappy place as the military pulls out, go ahead and skip this posting with my regards. I know the feeling brother, beer for breakfast. Be cool, it gets better.

    They say.

    However, if you are interested in a one-page summary of the last eight and a half years of Iraq War, the Associated Press has a decent one available. If you are say a 19 year old Army Specialist wondering about this war that dominated the news during your teens, or if you were one of those kids to whom Bush read “My Pet Goat” to while New York burned on 9/11/2001, you might want to follow the link and read up a bit about how we got from There to Here.

    Some select quotes:

    For Americans back home, Iraq was not a war with morale-boosting milestones that could point to progress. No Pacific islands secured, no heroic storming of the beaches at Normandy. No newsreel scenes of grateful civilians welcoming liberators with flowers.

    Instead, the war became a mind-numbing litany of suicide bombings and ambushes. “Progress” was defined by grim statistics such as fewer civilians found butchered today than yesterday. Soon it all began to sound the same, a bloody, soul-killing “Ground Hog Day” of brutality after brutality seemingly without purpose. Pacify one village, move on to another, only to have violence flare again in the first place.

    America’s tactical victories — if they last — did little more than put an end to a conflict it helped create.

    It looks like this to me: 9/11 Afghanistan WMDs Mushroom Cloud Smoking Gun Lie Lie Lie Colin Powell UN Lie Lie Lie 2003 Shock and Awe Greetings to Liberators chaos Mission Accomplished Sunni Shia Kurd Fallujah Abu Graidh Sammara Green Zone Guantanamo Secret prisons Torture Odierno Petraeus Surge Reconstruction Fail Iran Iran Iran Give Up and Go Home.

    For the slightly longer and much better mini-history, try the Associated Press.

    If you are seeking a more in-depth review of the last nine years of Iraq adventure, the Washington Post is reprising much of its coverage, broken down year-by-year. Remember the big Saddam statue falling? All those purple thumbs for all those elections? The torture photos? It’s all there honey bunch. Ah, memories…

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