• Two Blogs Point Dumbass Republican Candidates to We Meant Well

    January 10, 2012

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    Two blogs today pointed dumbass, ignorant Republican presidential candidates to We Meant Well in hopes that they would learn some lessons from our almost nine year Occupation of Iraq (slogan: Not Living Free, Just Die).

    PoliticalDog101.com shakes its finger at hollow action figure and troglodyte Rick Perry, who proposed re-invading Iraq recently:

    [Perry] might have been better advised to read something on the subject from one who knows, so I would like to point Mr Dumb-as-a-mud-wall 1976 towards We Meant Well: How I helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People where Peter Van Buren, a long term veteran of the Foreign Service, has written on his time as head of the embattled and embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team. Not that he made any friends in the Foreign Service doing this though. He was part of the biggest nation-building exercise in history, and his descriptions written in clear style with vinegar dry humour would make a stone weep. He most famously describes the entire exercise as “past[ing] together feathers year after year, hoping for a duck”. Money poured anywhere and everywhere, squandered by everyone in charge who ever touched it, with no thought and only the hope that some might do some good along the way. Pastry making classes for Iraqi widows, chicken processing factories that unpredictably produce no chickens and push bikes for local kids to ride on roads too pock marked by shells to use. Building an embassy the size of the Vatican state in the middle of a city staffed by thousands, doing God alone knows what.

    Moving on to frothy candidate Rick Santorum, blogger FredonEverything also recommends reading We Meant Well, as well as other books on the military and national security so that Rick will stop saying stupid, ignorant things:

    In my decades of covering the armed services, I noticed among men a belief in their innate jock-strap competency regarding wars. Men who would readily admit ignorance of petroleum geology, ophthalmology, or ancient Sumerian grammar nonetheless believe that they grasp matters military. Usually they do not. In particular, they have an utterly unexamined belief in America’s military invincibility.

    Candidates should be wary of this. Instead, most of you propose ultimata to Iran as one would threaten a three-year-old with a spanking. You clearly think that the American flotilla would quickly thrash the impudent Persians with no unexpected consequences. Do as we say, or the fleet will teach you a jolly good lesson. So thought Philip II in 1588.

    So, if either candidate’s staff would like to get in touch, my email’s info (at) wemeantwell.com. I’d be happy to sell you a couple of copies of the book guys, but wouldn’t want to violate the Hatch Act by getting too deep into your failing campaigns. No comps for fear I’d end up on your mailing lists.

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    • MattieB said...


      Know what else is funny about it (in a hideous way)?

      The other dim chickenhawks try to score points by saying that the Iraq withdrawal was a terrible mistake, totally mishandled, but even they are too smart to follow that with “and so, as president, one of my first actions will be to return US forces to Iraq.” I mean, that would be logical, right, but they never add that.

      Only doofus Perry was dumb enough to actually say it.

      Our foreign policy should probably focus exclusively on our strong suit, which is providing mirth abroad.

      01/10/12 6:11 PM | Comment Link

    • Administrator said...


      Mirth, now with high explosives.

      Democracy delivered 24/7 via drone, right to your home.

      01/10/12 10:05 PM | Comment Link

    • David Macadam said...


      Hi! Really think the blog you have is good. Just a small point that maybe you could add though! James at “politicaldog101” was posting up my piece from The Oligarch Kings referencing your book! Any chance you could add a bit in to direct those interested back to my blog? I am intending adding your good site to my blogroll as I am sure the people who read my stuff will love yours.




      01/15/12 12:18 PM | Comment Link

    • Administrator said...


      Here’s the link– Oligarch Kings is a site worth reading: http://theoligarchkings.wordpress.com/

      The current lead article deals with America’s idiotic xenophobia, manifested most recently in our collective fear of Presidential candidates who can speak foreign languages. David, I would always welcome a “guest column” from you for this blog as well!

      01/15/12 4:41 PM | Comment Link

    • David Macadam said...


      Thanks for the kind comments. Always happy to be an occassional “guest column”!


      01/15/12 11:13 PM | Comment Link

    • Ronald Lee said...


      Why don’t you dumb ass republican do honorable thing. Take a 357 magnum stick it your ass and pull the fucking trigger.

      02/14/12 5:43 AM | Comment Link

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