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    January 21, 2012

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    We all know that social media is the key to victory in Afghanistan as it was in Iraq, at least according to the State Department, but a recent Tweet from the US Embassy in Kabul (slogan: “One day We’ll Be as Big as Baghdad”) has left me in a gobsmacked state:


    Correct me if I am wrong, but does it not seem that Embassy Kabul is gloating over the deaths of some of the “bad guys”? The US side repeated/reTweeted a message from the ISAF US-funded propaganda team to two pro-Taliban Tweeters appearing to gloat over the deaths of some Taliban.

    Bad enough as it is, gloating over death (though SecState Clinton also did so with Qaddafi’s death) but doing it a day after at least ten NATO soldiers were killed in two separate incidents in Afghanistan, when a transport helicopter carrying six US Marines crashed in Helmand province, and an Afghan army soldier killed four French soldiers at the Gwam training base in Kapisa province. Fifteen French soldiers were wounded in the attack, eight seriously? The French are considering withdrawal from the Afghan playground due to their deaths.

    C’mon US Embassy Kabul, this is just sad.

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    • Lisa said...


      It lends a gridiron mentality to the endeavor, no? Did no one teach them spiking the ball is not comme il faut?

      We, too, were appalled by Ms. Clinton’s vulgar attempt at Caesareanism, and wrote @ RAW about the cheering over what, in more sensible times, would have been addressed as the vulgarity it was. That night the commenters were full of glee and the political cartoonists tried their hand at bravado; but the next day the grotesquerie of the event must have hit some more rational minds.

      The political cartoonist sites had erased the brutality from their sites. I have never seen such self-censorship before from them.

      01/23/12 1:31 AM | Comment Link

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