• Manly Man Talk from State Department about Syria

    February 3, 2012

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    Remember diplomacy, when the US once did stuff with other countries other than invade them and fly drone missions to kill their citizens (and our own) ’cause we can? When our State Department did not try to out macho the Department of Defense and the Patriots linebackers in its public statements?

    Fred “Blood on a Knife’s Edge” Hoff, the State Department’s point manly-man on Syria (World’s Longest Official Title: Special Coordinator for Regional Affairs at the Office of the Special Envoy for Middle East Peace) does not remember. In an interview, Fred “Big Balls” Hof, called Syrian leader Assad a “dead man walking,” and in a somewhat weird mix of things, referred to Syria as turning into “Pyongyang in the Levant.”

    ‘Dude might as well have been makin’ prison rape jokes ’bout Assad, calling da’ bitch out for some. Yo’ Dog and Chuck, yens are our new diplomats, so negotiate THIS chunky piece o’ freedom motherf*cker. Word.

    In an apparently equally cheesy bid to promote defections, Fred “the Stud” Hof warned Syrian troops and Assad’s top aides that Assad may be setting them up for possible war crimes by claiming that the army was not his to command. “It’s difficult to imagine a more craven disclaimer of responsibility,” Hof told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “Perhaps it is a rehearsal for the time when accountability will come… your president will place the blame for crimes committed squarely on you.”

    One assumes then that Assad and other Syrian leaders will not be offered visas to the US for “medical treatment” as the US did with the latest pal dictator to not be held accountable for his crimes, Yemen’s Saleh.

    Hof “the Hit Man” follows his boss, Hillary “Cutter” Clinton in employing street tough talk about world leaders the US wishes dead, or the US Embassy in Kabul chortling over Taliban deaths on Twitter.

    This isn’t about Assad being a good guy, it is about us, the US, needing to act like a mature adult to have a chance at reclaiming any respect in the world, ’cause nobody likes a bully and nobody comes to aid a bully when his victims turn on him.

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    • Lisa said...


      So very well-said. When did we become this bad ass country? Wasn’t our goal — if not to become exactly, French — to groom ourselves into something beyond “brigand”? Now it’s “where’s my blue ox” and checkered flannel for all occasions.

      I love your ~Hillary “Cutter” Clinton; dear god, she’s ready for the WWF circuit, no?

      Perhaps humans are destined to live in limboland, or metronome-land, or like the country band croons, it’s “One step forward, two steps back …” One must wonder why progress can’t stick, yo?

      02/4/12 3:12 AM | Comment Link

    • Seleznev said...


      There is an opportunity in this for American leadership. It sounds like Secretary Clinton is heading in the direction of forming a group outside of the UN to deal with the issue. Such a group would need to have a military option. Assad will likely be no different that the other deposed leaders in the area and simply will not cede his power peacefully.

      02/5/12 5:08 PM | Comment Link

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