• Help for Iraqis Who Helped Us: The List Project

    February 4, 2012

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    A good friend of this blog asks that I include this “guest” posting, following up on my own articles about the situation facing Iraqis who worked as translators for the US military and State Department during the Occupation, and who now face death threats in free Iraq.

    I also wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times on this same sad subject.

    The List Project, which was founded with the belief that the United States Government has a clear and urgent moral obligation to resettle to safety Iraqis who are imperiled due to their affiliation with the United States of America.

    The List Project has been the main organization that has advocated and helped Iraqis come to the U.S.

    The Executive Branch has no contingency plan in place to help Iraqis, adopting a policy of wishful thinking.

    Due to the lack of progress in bringing threatened Iraqis to the U.S., the List Project has embarked on a new project. They are now reporting and making public recent threats and killings against U.S.-affiliated Iraqis.

    Learn more at The List Project.

    (The photo above is for illustration purposes and does not depict any Iraqis who worked for the US)

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    • Mary said...


      I hope this is in response to an Iraqi terp named Adam. Adam loyally worked for the U.S. as a terp and was waiting for resettlement in the US, with sponsorship from his commanding officer.

      Due to his employment with our country, someone decided to blow his legs off. While recovering in the hospital, he was poisoned and killed. Adam leaves behind a wife and children, and a very pissed off American military officer who had spent many hours trying to get Adam into our country.

      I directly blame this administration for the death of Adam.

      02/7/12 8:55 PM | Comment Link

    • Mary said...


      It’s time again for me to remind readers about


      After three years and hundreds of hours spent contacting State, DHS, DOD, and Consular Affairs, the case of Linda has gotten nowhere, zero, zilch.

      We have 50 pages of documents proving that L-3 contractor was a womanizing, sexists, power hungry slug (who, no doubt, made at least $150,000 per year in untaxed salary.)

      He was arrested, fired, and removed from Iraq for the harassment of women, yet why is Linda not here??

      US military officers witnessed him doctoring and falsifying security records against women who did not put out, yet where is Linda?

      Feel free to call Hillary Clinton’s office at State and ask her where Linda is?

      Please remind Secretary Clinton that Linda is hiding in Iraq with a bounty on her head due to her employment with our country. Oh, I forgot, probably crying over her father and brother who were murdered by a clean shot to the head. Again, another gift from our country. They were killed due to her employment with the U.S.



      02/7/12 9:12 PM | Comment Link

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