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    February 6, 2012

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    After the hub-bub over my illicit use of the State Department Seal, I was pleased to receive in my email another Department of State Seal, this time from the Diplomatic Security Office of Security Technology, ironically probably one of the offices within State that has nothing better to do than monitor blogs.

    The take away here is the absolute groovyness of their Seal. Note the righteous American Eagle snarling at the Dragon (representing evil of course, but perhaps Chinese evil????). Meanwhile, the dove of peace is scared shitless and just trying to get out of the way, all posed within an Illuminati-like pyramid.

    Despite appearing to have been designed by a frustrated tattoo artist who saw too many YES album covers stoned as a teenager, this Seal is real, and was in fact created with your tax dollars. No wonder the State Department keeps getting bigger and bigger budgets each year.

    I am unsure of the legal issues, but I am so looking into the idea of having this Seal inked on me somewhere where I’ll feel it everytime I sit down to write this blog.

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    • MattieB said...


      “Outta my way, geigh lil’ peace dove, I’ll handle this hacker/dragon.”
      Wonder how much we spent on this specimen of institutional arrested development. Plenty, I bet. Thanks for the laugh.

      02/6/12 3:05 PM | Comment Link

    • DR said...



      On that cathartic outlet we’re all grateful to have, there’s actually a pretty comical post calling for a redesign of this very seal. Someone who was part of the original design chimes in on the meaning of the various symbols.

      02/6/12 11:45 PM | Comment Link

    • rja said...


      I have not yet read your book but read the review and the interview published in the Nation.

      I spent 13 months working for USAID in Kabul and when I left wanted to write a piece that told essentially the same story for Afghanistan that you told for Iraq.

      I was only in Iraq 6 months, working for a USAID contractor, but saw enough to believe that what you wrote in the book is accurate.

      One year (or shorter) tours, the need for quick results, no understanding of the local culture or needs, what do you expect? No one takes the long view, because that doesn’t fly in our two-year election cycle. So we spend money foolishly, at best.

      Sad, so sad.

      02/8/12 4:19 PM | Comment Link

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