• The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to Read

    February 10, 2012

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    “How many more men must die in support of a mission that is not succeeding?”

    Lieutenant Colonel Dan Davis risked his career to answer that question, in a longer report the Pentagon tried to withhold, and a summary piece already on the web.

    Rolling Stone has now obtained a full copy of the 84-page unclassified version, which has been making the rounds within the U.S. government, including the White House. Stone says it is one of the most significant documents published by an active-duty officer in the past ten years.

    Here is the report’s opening lines:

    Senior ranking U.S. military leaders have so distorted the truth when communicating with the U.S. Congress and American people in regards to conditions on the ground in Afghanistan that the truth has become unrecognizable. This deception has damaged America’s credibility among both our allies and enemies, severely limiting our ability to reach a political solution to the war in Afghanistan.

    Read the full report online now.

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