• NPR “All Things Considered:” The Ghosts of the State Department

    March 4, 2012

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    While the State Department continues to prohibit me from working at my capacity because they do not like what I have written, the rest of the world looks on wondering how such an institution can be so petty, so hypocritical, so false in its calls for internet freedom.

    NPR “All Things Considered” interviewed me about the situation:

    Without his security clearance, Van Buren will likely be forced into retirement by the end of the year. But he says the trouble he’s been through was worth it.

    “The story that people were hearing back home was not the story of what we were doing there on the ground,” he says.

    Van Buren says he realized that this was a story that needed to be told, particularly as he watched the program in Iraq being folded up, packed up and shipped off to Afghanistan, where in fact the same process is going on right now.

    “When I go home and turn on the news and listen to the Secretary of State claiming that the rights of bloggers in China need to be respected, that journalists in Syria have a right to speak back to their government … and at the same time, the same Secretary of State’s organization is seeking to oust me, to destroy me, to push me out of it,” he says, “I realize that that level of hypocrisy needs to be answered.”

    Find out more about the hypocrisy of your government by listening to the full interview, now online.

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    • Mary said...


      I’m sorry that someone as talented and skilled in languages, such as yourself, is being forced into retirement.

      Please rest assured that you have many supporters who greatly admire you.

      03/5/12 3:10 AM | Comment Link

    • Mary said...


      I am also pained when Secretary Clinton supports the rights of women worldwide, yet allows the sexual harassment of Iraqi women employed with the U.S. government by a U.S. contractor.

      I have begged and pleaded with the State Department and Consular Affairs to remedy this travesty of justice, but have heard only a deafening silence.


      “Iraqi interpreters seek punishment of contractor they say sexually harassed them”


      03/5/12 3:18 AM | Comment Link

    • Henri Kowalczyk said...


      Congratulations you are one of the few truly Americans that are not afraid to talk it is about time that we do something about our own loss of freedom.

      03/15/12 9:51 AM | Comment Link

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