• MEK Location Called “Concentration Camp”

    March 5, 2012

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    Once again, the MEK people adrift in Iraq re-surface in the news. You’ll recall that resettling the MEK into the former Camp Liberty became a State Department task, and the World’s Largest Embassy was assigned to commit “robust observation” of the facility to ensure proper treatment. State apparently did not robustly observe anything, as the Camp Liberty site is a dump, without water or sewage.

    “This is not a relocation camp. I have seen relocation camps. I know what relocation camps look like. And I know what jails look like. This isn’t a jail. This is a concentration camp. That’s what it is. This is a concentration camp. Let’s call it what it is,” Rudi Giuliani said after his own personal robust visit.

    Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz agreed with Giuliani’s take on the conditions at Camp Liberty. “This is a scandal. This is a fraud; a fraud not involving money, but a fraud involving threats to human life. What we need immediately is a commission of inquiry to determine how this fraud was perpetrated,” Dershowitz said. “Who certified, who approved that hell hole, that garbage dump?”

    Hah hah, State did.

    State Department stenographer Josh Rogin, over at Foreign Policy’s The Cable blog, chimed in with a snarky “Neither man (Giuliani and Dershowitz) ever called Camp Liberty a ‘concentration camp’ or a ‘garbage dump’ when it housed hundreds of U.S. soldiers for years during the Iraq war.”

    You’re a funny guy Josh. Ignorant, but funny. During the war, Camp Liberty was a paradise, home to Iraq’s largest PX and all the amenities. As the Occupation ended, the Camp was abandoned by the US, and the Iraqis promptly and efficiently looted it into its present state.

    The MEK-Camp Liberty dilemma is yet another example of US desires hitting reality head on in Iraq. After hoping the MEK issue would just go away for the nine years of Occupation, the State Department threw together an expedient policy, appointed an Ambassador to give it all gravitas and then made false promises of oversight. When the problem actually persisted, all State can do is enlist its loyal media trolls to make fun of any critics.

    Maybe the State Department can just issue the MEK medical visas for the US? That’s the best strategy they could come up with for Yemen’s fave dictator Saleh.

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      keep up the good work. if you want to have peace and dignity for the people of Iraq . the solution is the eviction of the Iranian regime in Iraq. the simplest way to do so is to de list the PMOI and stop appeasing Nori Al- Maliki and confrontinig him and not letting him close camp Ashraf and relocate the residents forcibly with the green light of UN and UN to a concentration camp

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