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    March 15, 2012

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    If you have seen the Washington Post article explaining how the State Department is moving to fire me for writing this blog, and for criticizing the Secretary of State (and, oddly, Michelle Bachmann), before you do anything else, remember that Hillary Clinton supports the rights of people online to speak back to their governments. In fact, she said this:

    No individual should be prosecuted for exercising the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Vietnam’s prosecution of individuals for expressing their views contradicts the government’s commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    OK, that was bullshit, because quite obviously the State Department is prosecuting me for exercising the right to freedom of opinion and expression. No, not really: they say they’d love for me to write stuff they don’t agree with, all I need is to ask their permission first. Which… they… will… not…provide. They ignore nice blogs from inside State, however. It is the same thing in the end for me: prior restraint, shut up, don’t criticize the government and especially don’t criticize the woman who runs the same agency that says bloggers should be free.

    Except in her agency, the State Department. Yeah, it’s complicated.

    Many have written in to ask how you can help:

    — Send an email to Hillary at DGDirect@state.gov and voice your opinion.

    — Send an email, or better yet, call your Congressperson (except Michelle Bachmann). Contact info is here. Ask them to contact the State Department Congressional Liaison and request a fair hearing for me. If they wish to call, the House Liaison office is at 202-226-4642 and the Senate Liaison Office is at 202-228-1602/1603.

    — If you know someone in the media who’d be interested in this story, have them contact me at info (@) wemeantwell.com

    — If you’d like to give money, I am being defended by the Government Accountability Project (GAP). Donate to them, as they are helping me, and many other whistleblowers. You can donate anonymously online. NONE of the money goes to me, I don’t want it, but people keep asking about donating.

    — Hillary Clinton does support bloggers who talk back to the Syrian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Iranian governments, just not her own government. If you know a way I can pretend to be a blogger from one of those places, let me know and my troubles will be solved. I prefer not having to move to Syria if I can help it.

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    • joe carson said...


      there should have been a flood of whistleblower distclosures to OSC about the Iraq Provincial Reconstruction teams, based on your experience.

      As I have discussed, the issues you are experiencing have causes outside of State Dept and which are endemic to federal civil service.

      03/15/12 1:58 AM | Comment Link

    • teri schooley said...


      Uh, question here in the back, Mr. Van Buren,

      How can they fire you for writing a blog which they KNOW about and have someone ASSIGNED TO READ every day? Doesn’t the fact that some State Dept desk jockey spends his paid working day (at State’s request) perusing your public blog imply approval? Just askin’.

      As for Hillary, her grotesque and demented “we came, we saw, he died” giggling is the most appalling, shocking thing I have ever seen from any diplomat from any country in my lifetime. That alone should have cost her HER job.

      Watch out for the flying monkeys, mijo!

      03/15/12 9:18 AM | Comment Link

    • jim hruska said...


      You need to reassess your assumptions concerning your blog, and resultant problems.
      I propose that your problems don’t stem from writing a blog, but rather that you will be fired because you dare to THINK.
      That is your offense, and all else is secondary.
      Sadly the Bill Of Rights does not address the right to be thoughtful and incisive.
      The chief leadership requirement in the US pantheon is to be myopic and stereotypical thinkers.Or just plain cynical manipulators.
      Rice and HRC come to mind.
      Good luck.
      Stay low and shoot low.

      03/15/12 3:15 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      Time is on your side. The American public tires easily of failed wars. For example, Pat Robertson has tired of the drug war and now advocates the legalization of marijuana. (Of course, Pat’s also in favor of nuking Foggy Bottom.)

      03/15/12 5:44 PM | Comment Link

    • Bradley Manning Hearing March 15, 2012 Photos – Cryptome.org | ufo-tv.com said...


      […] What You Can Do to Help | We Meant Well – Peter Van Buren Posted in WikiLeaks in the news | Tags: 2012, Bradley, Cryptome.org, Hearing, Manning, march, photos […]

      03/16/12 12:09 AM | Comment Link

    • Andy Radin said...


      Just saw you on Democracy Now! Your eloquence is astounding and your courage is inspiring! Thank you for standing tall!

      03/16/12 1:01 PM | Comment Link

    • Bryan said...


      @ teri schooley, you said “Doesn’t the fact that some State Dept desk jockey spends his paid working day (at State’s request) perusing your public blog imply approval?”

      Quite the opposite actually. Does a police officer being paid to go undercover into a drug organization imply approval? Does paying hundreds (if not thousands) of analysts and other people to look for and keep an eye on Al Quida imply approval? In general I would say the government spending the manpower to keep an eye on anything to be a sign that they do not approve of that “thing”.

      03/16/12 1:48 PM | Comment Link

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