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    March 23, 2012

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    In America, we are proud of our long and distinctive record of championing freedom of speech… we have worked to share our best practices.

    –Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    We hope that others will join us in advancing a basic freedom for the Iranian people: the freedom to connect with one another and with their fellow human beings.

    –President Barack Obama

    On March 9, 2012, the Department of State issued a 16 page list of offenses I allegedly committed, for which they seek to fire me. Chief among those offenses is writing this blog, on my own time and on my own computer, an exercise of the very same rights to communicate and free speech Obama and Hillary demand for others:

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    • r.dahlin said...


      I can understand the hypocrisy w/ which the whole of the U.S. as well as the imposter LHN & Clinton operate. These state actors are mere puppets for the shadow ruling elite. 9/11 – the new Pearl Harbor – was the pretext to grab and abuse power.
      The other 1st amend. abuses in domestic battlefield includes this abuse and denial against the ‘Occupy Movement’.
      I applaud your courage and superior intellect. I pray that more whistleblowers step to the fore and the people mobilize against this state tyranny.

      03/26/12 5:03 PM | Comment Link

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