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    April 16, 2012

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    Here’s a complete news story out of Iraq:

    SULAIMANIYA / Aswat al-Iraq: Sulaimaniya Mayor Zana Mohammad Saleh, arrested in a bribery case, committed suicide on Saturday inside Asayesh department jail, a security source said.

    The Sulaimaniya court decided last Sunday to arrest the mayor as he was accused in a bribery case.

    Around 300 persons of his relatives gathered in front of the court, forcing security forces to open fire in the air to disperse them.

    Anybody want to claim this is some sort of democracy in action? Jail house suicide, eh? Damn, those guys learn fast how to bs the media with stories such as this. They must have had good teachers.

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    • Billy Ray said...


      I can tell you that this story has caught all of our attention here in Northern Iraq.

      I’m surprised you picked up on this, but it really has the makings for a potential ‘game-changer’ in the political climate here.

      The Mayor, according to some local news, had admitted in court that ‘yes’ there was corruption in his government and bribes were paid, but then, he went on to say that he was just doing what he had been told.

      After a visit from some interested parties at the prison that night, he was found dead the next morning.

      It makes me want to ask the question, “Are any of our Mayors safe?” The term “mayor” here in Northern Iraq does not connote the real power that they have. “Governor” is almost a better term. So, let’s ask that question once more, “If our Governors are not safe, then who is?”

      Not to mention the question, “Who tells Governors what to do?”

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