• My Oath is to the Constitution, Not Hillary

    April 28, 2012

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    My thanks to Ryan, who I don’t know and have never met, for putting together this inspiring video making clear the difference between being a government drone and pretending your oath of allegiance is to some political boss, and standing up for the fact that the oath is to the Constitution.

    There is a difference between obedience to authority, which is required in an autocracy above all else, and loyalty to one’s Oath, which is required of patriots.

    Watch it now:

    (If the video is not embedded above, see it on YouTube)

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    • joe carson said...


      check out http://www.broken-covenant.org for some relevant updates. The reasons why State acts the way it include reasons external to State.

      04/28/12 3:57 PM | Comment Link

    • Lisa said...


      Thank you to Ryan, another patriot.

      When dissenting speech is no longer allowed, or is hounded, we are no longer a democracy.

      So much hot air, eh Mr. Obama, Mr. community organizer and champion of the whistleblower. You’ll jump in when a designing academic Henry Louis Gates calls the race card, or when you think you can scoop up some votes with your Trayvon analogy, but where are you when a true patriot speaks out in concern for his country.

      Oh, getting ready for an election, that’s right.

      04/28/12 5:20 PM | Comment Link

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