• James Bamford: State Department and Wikileaks “Alice in Wonderland”

    May 7, 2012

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    James Risen of The New York Times, James Bamford, author of The Puzzle Palace: Inside the National Security Agency, America’s Most Secret Intelligence Organizationand Matthew Miller, former spokesman for the Justice Department, discussed the Obama administration’s crusade against leaks of government secrets – and against some of the journalists who report them – at the National Press Club in Washington on May 1, 2012.

    I had a chance to ask Bamford and Miller a question about the State Department’s assertion that despite being available online to the entire world, the Wikileaks documents remain “classified,” and indeed government employees can be prosecuted for referring to them. Here is his reply:

    (If the video is not embedded above, please follow this link to see it)

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    • Rich Bauer said...



      State’s Wikileaks farcical position against “We Meant Well” is no Wonder in this “Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” In the End they will get the book thrown at them.

      Lennie Pike: And then they decide I’m supposed to get a smaller share, like I’m someone extra special stupid. Even if it is a democracy, in a democracy it don’t matter how stupid you are, you still get an equal share. – “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”

      05/7/12 1:38 PM | Comment Link

    • Meloveconsullongtime said...


      Now it’s time for someone to change the subject by linking to a CIA rag’s story about an irrelevant and trivial topic, employing a presumption of popular sensitivity toward “feminist” concerns as a classic ploy of misdirection.

      Pay no attention to high ranking diplomats getting their dicks stuck in hostile honeypots. Misdirect ther audience by implying all foreign women are victims, and that the crimes of the State Department do not rise much higher than sexual peccadillos rather than outright treason.

      (Sarcasm on)

      05/8/12 9:14 AM | Comment Link

    • Meloveconsullongtime said...


      And kidnapping.

      05/8/12 9:16 AM | Comment Link

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