• Army vs. State: Got leadership?

    June 10, 2012

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    173rd Airborne Commander has an affair, cheats on wife = Relieved of command, Army moves to Court Martial.

    State Department adviser has an affair, cheats on wife = Nominated for Ambassadorship, State Department defends him claiming he is “uniquely qualified.”

    Got leadership?

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    • lafcadio said...


      Here is another great example of leadership at the Consular Bureau.

      Maura Harty gets fired at the Consular Bureau (the third Assistant Secretary in a row at CA to get fired).

      A little over a year later, Janice Jacobs, Harty’s successor and good buddy, hires Harty’s husband to work for the CA Front Office as a GS-15 ($144,835 a year).

      How do they get away with this?

      06/11/12 8:28 AM | Comment Link

    • Ariel said...


      What a treat to see this interview with my Georgetown cougealle Maura Harty! There couldn’t be a more dear, fun, self-effacing and gracious representative of GU in the Foreign Service! One of my favorite memories was bumping into Ambassador Harty while returning from a business trip in Brazil. We stopped in Paraguay and Maura came aboard. I was embarassed because I was travelling in first class and tried to convince her to trade her business class seat with me of course she would not! I also remember how she sought her assignment to Colombia for the challenge and how much she appreciated the culture of the countries she lived in. More recently, catching Maura on television speaking elegantly on behalf of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, all Hoyas could be proud of Maura’s professionalism, hard work and dedication!

      06/26/12 9:32 PM | Comment Link

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