• I Volunteer to be Ambassador to Iraq

    June 13, 2012

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    With the McGurk nomination in trouble, despite State claiming he is uniquely qualified, prudent planning suggests State should have a replacement in the wings. I hereby volunteer and submit I too am uniquely qualified.

    1. I spent a year in Iraq and screwed up most of what I tried to do, like McGurk. Advantage: McGurk, he was there longer and messed up a lot more things.

    2. Unlike McGurk, there are no sweaty messages in my email archives. As part of its dirt-digging investigation into me because of my book and this blog, the State Department reviewed years of my emails, as well as my old travel vouchers and credit reports. They did not find anything worth punishing me over. Advantage: me.

    3. As I already work for the State Department, so this is a lateral transfer with less paperwork. Since my current assignment is telework, I could actually technically continue to do that while serving as ambassador, a two-for-one deal for State. Advantage: me.

    4. I’ve not cheated on my wife. I don’t use government email to send high school-like naughty notes. I have never used the term “blue balls” seriously. I do not write emails about beating off. I am a w-a-y better writer. Big advantage: me.

    5. Like McGurk, I don’t speak Arabic and have never run an embassy. Like McGurk, I don’t have a clue how to handle a $6.5 billion budget and manage 16,000 employees. Advantage? Tie.

    6. McGurk seems to only know one reporter well. Through my book and blog, I have met many reporters (though have slept with none of them). Advantage: me.

    7. I am not related to our eighth president Martin Van Buren, but I would be willing to lie about it to Congress. Advantage: me.

    8. McGurk has never held a job outside of working on Iraq. I’ve had 24 years at State and, while in college, had a summer job cleaning sewers. That last bit, my friends, does indeed make me uniquely qualified.

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    • Meloveconsullongtime said...


      “I do not write emails about beating off.”

      But you do commit the error of ending a sentence with a preposition. I don’t. Advantage: Me.

      I do not write emails about off beating.

      06/13/12 12:08 PM | Comment Link

    • Meloveconsullongtime said...


      06/13/12 12:14 PM | Comment Link

    • Jhoover said...


      Sorry Peter, but there is another one looks more fit to this Job?

      She is the only ONE!

      06/13/12 2:24 PM | Comment Link

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