• McGurk’s Latest Wife Whines: I’m a Victim Here

    June 17, 2012

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    Gina Chon, previous mistress of ambassador-to-sleazeland Brett “The Stick” McGurk, for some ridiculous reason (probably because Dancing with the Stars was booked) did an interview with the Washington Post.

    The article states:

    Chon said in her message that the leaked e-mails were promoted to news outlets by a “disgruntled” employee on the eve of McGurk’s confirmation hearings, apparently in an attempt to undermine his nomination. She did not identify the State Department employee.

    I hope she isn’t referring to me, for I am not disgruntled in any way. Quite happy to be here, had a decent career with State until fairly recently, a career that I entered through a very competitive process and maintained over 24 years of up or out promotions– unlike McGurk who has been appointed to all his Iraq jobs.

    OK. But what about those emails Gina?

    She described her relationship with McGurk as “a fairly simple tale of two people who met in Baghdad, fell in love, got engaged and later married.” Their e-mails, she said, “reflected flirtatious banter and nothing more.”

    Of course Chon resigned/got fired for sharing her stories with McGurk ahead of publication, something known as “unethical” in the universe she and Brett don’t live in.

    But really, wow. Lots of people spent a year (or several) in Iraq and managed to stay married. Most of their flirtatious banter isn’t the sophomoric crap her emails reveal, with talk of blue balls and masturbation and sexy time hookups whilst ditching one’s spouse. There are also reports that Ms. Chon cheated on her spouse with a second dude.

    Added the disgruntled Chon:

    The question I continue to have is when will the conversation return to issues?

    Good idea. Let’s have a conversation about the unparalleled success of McGurk skateboarding America through nine failed years of war and occupation in Iraq. Take a look at his crap from 2006-2007, newly discovered blog posts, where he spinelessly defends the Bush policies and predicts happy sunshine for Team America in Iraq.

    Let’s also talk about whether not speaking any Arabic is a good or bad thing for McGurk. Let’s ask what experience he has had managing a $6.5 billion enterprise with 16,000 employees. Let’s ask what job if any he has held other than appointed political hack. Let’s talk about how many Iraqi groups see him as so close to PM Malaki that they initially refused to even work with him. Let’s talk about the little paid-for nooky at Harvard. Let’s talk about whether using US Government email to conduct an extra-marital affair suggests you have the discretion, maturity and personal credibility to be an ambassador. Let’s talk about John McCain’s objections. Let’s talk about Inoufe’s objections.

    Let’s talk about all those issues, and whether they add up to someone who deserves to be an ambassador.

    And as if to make sure the story drags on for another news cycle, Chon also spoke to CNN. Better yet, some apology email Chon sent to her “friends” ended up leaked to CNN by one of them. The embattled spouse told CNN:

    People have jumped to unfair and inaccurate conclusions using our own words against us.

    Oh, the old “using our own words” defense. We call that taking responsibility for what you say and write. And this woman worked for a major newspaper?

    Bottom line: If you did it yourself, you can’t claim yourself as the victim. The issue is not the leaking of the emails, it is the content of the emails and the fact that McGurk and the State Department tried to hide them from the Senate and the American People. I’m sorry it took a sex scandal to rouse the Senate from its nap to pay attention to this nominee, but it needs to pay attention to this nominee.

    Hang on Gina, your 15 minutes are about to end, and the reality TV offer can’t be far behind. Is that Bristol Palin on line one already?

    Bonus: with the Arab press all over this story (see here and here as examples) how effective could McGurk hope to be as ambassador anyway?

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      Chon: “I’ve never felt so vulnerable, so targeted . . . I feel like I have become collateral damage in this process.”

      She should be so lucky. Stud McGurk’s rooftop lover was the victim of “friendly fire.”

      06/17/12 1:53 PM | Comment Link

    • Mark said...


      Thanks for a good laugh. McGurk (love the name) is a walking joke. For the life of me I can’t figure out why Obama, et al. think he’s even minimally, let alone “uniquely,” qualified for this position. And that was before those steamy emails saw the light of day. McGurk, you’re goin’ down! 🙂

      On a positive note: Happy Father’s Day, PVB!

      06/18/12 3:58 AM | Comment Link

    • Meloveconsullongtime said...


      McGurk and his whore might have a piece of paper from the state, but traditionally a “marriage” to someone you’ve committed adultery with is null and void. She remains his whore, not his wife.

      06/18/12 4:54 AM | Comment Link

    • lafcadio said...


      If the rooftop lover who administered the snarling got punished, and McGurk didn’t, well, even for State, that is eff’ed up.

      McGurk is wholly unqualified for the job, but without the sex scandal, he automatically gets the job.

      A sad state of affairs! (lol)

      06/18/12 9:51 AM | Comment Link

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    • Janice said...


      That takes alot of moxie to claim being a victim – will the Post interview the first Mrs McGurk? Do we get to hear her perspective or is that just going to be buried?

      What about the public – from a journalistic perspective, Ms. Chon is in the wrong country if she thinks it’s entirely professional to write articles and submit them to a government official or a source to review and/or approve, especially if you are sleeping with your sources.

      The Wall Street Journal was very generous in allowing Ms. Chon to resign. If she had no such political connections, it would have been the door for her and rightly so. Yes, ethics matters. Whose disgruntled about that??

      06/19/12 8:28 PM | Comment Link

    • Suzanne said...


      Dear Mr. Van Buren:

      Thank you for exposing Brett McGurk as the political hack that he is, and by extension his sleazy mistress who has no business being a journalist.

      It’s a relief to see his nomination derailed. If the US truly wants to establish diplomatic relations with Iraq, it needs to appoint someone who will not be the laughing-stock of the Middle East.

      Aside from the fact that McGurk is woefully unqualified for the post, and that he and Chon lack professionalism, integrity and character, it’s just nice to know that KARMA does work.

      To Gina Chon: You know what they say, “When a man marries his mistress, he creates a vacancy.” I hope your respective ex-spouses are having a good laugh right now, and are relieved to be rid of losers like you and your new husband.

      06/24/12 7:12 PM | Comment Link

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