• “Special Agent Deedy was compelled to discharge his gun”

    July 5, 2012

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    A few new details on the good times in Hawaii of State Department super “Special” Agent Deedy. Deedy is charged with second degree murder in Honolulu in connection with gunning down a local man. Deedy was in Hawaii as part of a State Department entourage guarding the 2012 APEC meeting. More here if you’re not up to speed on the case.

    According to court documents filed by Deedy’s own defense attorney, Brooke Hart:

    Deedy intervened when he sensed an altercation escalating between the shooting victim, Kollin Elderts, and a customer, Michel Perrine.

    “While at the cashier counter, Elderts began to verbally harass Perrine using racial slurs,” the filing states. “Perrine asked Elderts to leave him alone, not to single him out, and stated words to the effect that he was a `local.'”

    Hart’s characterization of the incident says Deedy was trying to prevent a physical attack. Elderts called the agent a “haole,” the Hawaiian term for white, in a derogatory way, he said.

    “Elderts threatened Special Agent Deedy by saying, `Eh, haole, you like beef?’ or words to that effect,” Hart says in the court papers.

    At one point, Elderts tried to grab Deedy’s gun, according to Hart, and the two men got physical. Deedy drew his gun and told Elderts to freeze, but he continued to advance.

    “Special Agent Deedy was compelled to discharge his gun, resulting in the death of Elderts,” the court papers claim.

    Somewhat oddly, Deedy’s attorney has also previously claimed the agent was acting in self-defense and/or in his lawful capacity as a law enforcement officer.

    Oddly oddly, a federal judge in Virginia ruled that Deedy’s legal expenses in a wrongful death lawsuit pending against him are covered by a renter’s insurance policy issued to Deedy and his wife in Arlington, Virginia in late 2010 by Allstate. A trial in this civil case will likely not begin until after completion of the criminal case.

    Deedy’s defense attorney is also trying to move the case to federal court, preferably outside of Hawaii. To keep things interesting, Honolulu Circuit Judge Karen Ahn denied a renewed push by several media outlets to make public surveillance video and other documents referenced by prosecutors and Deedy’s lawyer. The case will drag on, with the next trial action not scheduled until September 10, unless the case goes to federal court or is otherwise delayed.

    Which it likely will be.

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      Homer Simpson, my hero, dead-on:


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      Firk this guy he was saying he “has a license to kill” I swear I wish Hawaii had the DP because he shouldn’t have been carrying his weapon while drinking any forking way. I hope you rot.

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      Hawaii Aloha Got Poi Balls? Catch a Stealth wave with Corporate Vulcan Interlocking Mayhem…under All State: USA Ominous “Special Vigilante” Socio-Economic Engineering Parallel Justice with “Stand Your Ground” from Atlantic Gulf Coast to Pacific Shining Offshore Coast…including ALL States: Protect yourself from Waikiki Happy Meal Mayhem: Profile, Pursue, Instigate, Agitate, Lock n Load, Shoot! Serfs Up? Eddie [Liddy] would go! “You’re almost in good hands with ‘renters insurance’ and All State”? Catbird’s Nest: “Follow up to Murder in Hawaii and Special Agent Christoper Deedy.” http://www.kycbs.net / http://www.vuft.org / Veterans For Peace

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