• US Embassy Kabul Cheers for Afghan Olympic Team

    August 3, 2012

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    Since we US taxpayers more than likely paid for the Afghan Olympic team, we might as well cheer for them. And, oh yes, “like” the Facebook page so as to inspire Afghan girls who no doubt are viewing Facebook in between drone strikes on their non-existent computers in their without-Internet homes without electricity.

    Since we do have computers and Internet and electricity for now, Americans, let’s see some of those Facebook comments that are meant to encourage the Afghan girls:

    Qais Esmaty starts us off by saying “Good luck Afghan loin, Good luck Afghan Girl.”

    Bahman Behroz says “No result will have this chicken.”

    Najia Shehidi responds with “Iranian Dog Bahman Behroz you better stop barking bloody jowish, you must know by now that Afghans are unbeatable.”

    Mansoor Zazai misses his chance for some American reconstruction money with “No need for afghani girl to compete they should stay in their culture limit.”

    Sawelai Batoor kinda sees through the crude US propaganda by asking “Btw which sport is she participating in and what time will it start?” as if any of that matters to the US tools.

    Ghulam Abbas echoes “Which time tomorrow, she is going to be on the screen of TV?”

    Bahman Behroz, a second time, with “No result will have this chicken.”

    Everybody else just says good luck, which is nice.

    Important Note: These important Facebook diplomatic interactions are what your State Department is actually doing. This is someone’s job. Someone is being paid with your tax dollars to do this in some frakish, twisted belief that it must be somehow helping the United States. Now, who again was saying the State Department is slouching into irrelevancy?

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    • liberti said...


      “The biggest success on the planet” is how a highly-placed BBG honcho recently described U.S. broadcasting to Afghanistan, where 2011 data showed that three-quarters of the entire country listens to American shortwave radio broadcasts. (Source: U.S. INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING REACHING RECORD AUDIENCE, ASSESSING IMPACT QUESTIONED NOV 17, 2011, Posted by Adam Clayton Powell III). So, in face of this research, what did the BBG propose to Congress as part of their into-the-stratosphere plan for FY2013? Yup, you got it: cut VOA broadcasts to Afghanistan hoping to fill the void with non-existent FB posts by young people without computers and twitter quitter little stars and watching blank TV screens in homes or huts without electricity. Public Diplomacy zero-zero.

      08/6/12 8:49 PM | Comment Link

    • Ahmad said...


      Mate, I live in London but have been to holiday in Afghanistan many times. Stop making assumptions. There is electricity and internet in Afghanistan. Every relative of mine has got a laptop there with internet (and facebook). And yes, we are all so proud of our athletes, especially the female, Tahmina. Stop being so biased next time.

      08/9/12 12:38 AM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      Glad to hear you are contributing to the reconstruction of Afghanistan from London.

      Afghanistan has one of the lowest percentage of internet users (4%) in the world, similar to Bangladesh and Cameroon according to the ITU.

      If your relatives have web access, they are among a very privileged few I am afraid. You should get out more when you visit the country. Stop making assumptions.

      08/9/12 7:58 PM | Comment Link

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