• US Ambassador to Libya Killed: Still Laughing Madame Secretary?

    September 12, 2012

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    It wasn’t just a movie.

    It was less than a year ago that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was videotaped gleefully laughing at the brutal death of then-Libyan leader Qaddafi. “We came, we saw, he died!” giggled the Secretary of State like a drunk school girl on the sidelines of a national television interview.

    It was, in large part, the military intervention of the US that brought about Qaddafi’s death and the “liberation” of Libya. Qaddafi was a nasty son of a bitch. He had people tortured and had opponents killed. He was a dictator. The common wisdom on the Internet, and inside the State Department, is that while “unfortunate,” a guy like Qaddafi had it coming. The same logic applied to the US’ gunning down of bin Laden and our drone killings of any number of terrorist celebs, including several American Citizens.

    With the tragic news today that US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and several other Americans were killed in an attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, one wonders if Hillary is still laughing.

    It appears that the Ambassador was in Benghazi for the ribbon-cutting for an “American Corner.” An American Corner is, in State’s own words, a “friendly, accessible space, open to the public, which provides current and reliable information about the United States through bilingual book and magazine collections, films and documentaries, poster exhibitions, and guides for research on the United States.” Ironic of course that Ambassador Stevens and his people died in what is sadly all of a propaganda gesture, a book nook Corner that says happy things about America so that Libyans will love us.

    I mean no disrespect to the dead, and mourn with their loved ones. A few years ago it was my family stationed abroad at an American Consulate, so I know too well the tight feeling in my gut wondering what will happen, will someone die today simply because of where they work. Making light over the death of anyone is disgraceful.

    America’s actions abroad, particularly when we kill people because we do not like what they say or do, have consequences that are long and often tragic. Secondary, tertiary effects. I hate killing. I am not justifying any killing nor am I gleeful over Ambassador Stevens and his colleagues’ deaths.

    I am instead offended by US leaders who find happiness in the death of others for political reasons, and then seem shocked and surprised when it is visited on our own. Drone strikes call forth retaliatory terror acts. Terror acts begat more drone strikes. Eye for an eye. Live by the sword.

    It is not about a movie. The anti-Islam movie was just today’s trigger, the most recent one. Behind the easy, casual “oh, it was our free speech that angered them” we seem to forget what filmmaker James Spione knows, that the invasions of multiple Muslim countries, the killing and wounding of hundreds of thousands of civilians to “free them,” the displacement of millions more as refugees, the escalating drone attacks, the torture and rendition, Guantanamo itself as a symbol of all that is wrong with our policies, the propping up of corrupt regimes in Baharain, Saudi and until we changed directions, Libya and Syria, the relentless horrific violence unleashed year after year after year by America’s military. Let’s at least be honest about the miasma of hatred we’ve created that is the true context for this horrible incident.

    It wasn’t just a movie. As if to make the point, Obama is on TV saying “justice will be done” in his serious voice, and CNN reports US drones are being sent to hunt down the killers in Libya.

    Indeed, the US rendered human beings into Qaddafi’s Libya for torture just a few years ago. Some of those who were rendered and tortured under US sponsorship now hold key leadership and political positions in the Libyan government. Payback, revenge, call it what you wish.

    For those who will claim articles such as this are politicizing a tragedy, remember this: the Ambassador was there as a political symbol, and he was killed as a political symbol. He and the Consulate were targeted specifically because they represent America. Our diplomats are abroad for that purpose, and become the closest targets for those who wish to attack America. Expect more, especially when the US and/or Israel strike Iran.

    It wasn’t just a movie. They don’t hate us for our freedoms. They hate us for what we do to them.

    America needs a policy in the Middle East that is not based on killing if we ever want the killing to stop.

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    • jim hruska said...


      I reckon that we won’t put pictures of these bodies on the cover of Time or Newsweek.
      I find it strange that an Ambassador didn’t have a higher level of PSD. This incident shows that the HN isn’t exactly what we say it is.
      This death/incident shows that our strategic policy is based upon illusion and faulty premises.
      jim at ranger

      09/12/12 12:58 PM | Comment Link

    • Egmont Ouerveture said...


      Our CIA helped torture and murder some of the people now in power, at the behest of Qaddafi (in years past, during better relations)…

      They’re just returning the favor.

      09/12/12 8:05 PM | Comment Link

    • Dan said...


      Why is it that the only name you hear related to this horrible incident is Amb. Stevens? IPO Sean Smith was also killed and his death is no less valuable to his country, family, and friends than an ambassador. I’m sorry I don’t know the names of the others who were murdered but I wish I did.

      09/13/12 4:06 AM | Comment Link

    • Virgin Amazonian Praetorian Guard: They’ll spread for the bread! « Oreo ab Chao said...


      […] US Ambassador to Libya Killed: Still Laughing Madame Secretary? (wemeantwell.com) […]

      09/13/12 4:13 PM | Comment Link

    • Jim Shepard said...


      The link,”horrible incident” is very smelly as well, with its illiterate commentary, its odd mention of the Italian cartoons and the “protesters”, if they are such, eagerly cell-phone filming the man’s body. What it all smells of is the same whiff one gets from the defamatory porn film you wrote about. The smell is of deliberate provocation of the public in America and the Middle East. What has to be the purpose of this? In who’s interest is it? Well, who is making vast sums of money on military contracts supplying the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan, the “endless” wars and occupations which now have proven to be not sustainable, let alone winnable?
      And how does an ambassador to the USA find himself in such a poorly guarded death trap? “Protesters” attacked him and the others? No credible details and no unclassified investigation of this horrible and extremely strange incident will be forthcoming I’m sure, conspiracy nut that I am.

      09/13/12 4:34 PM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      Game mentality in a civilization degenerating. All of the other signs of this sickness in the past 9 years adds to the total which is done in our name.

      These illegal wars continue as we spend what we don’t have, while pissing on dead bodies.

      We go poorer and hungry too, while torture becomes the tool of fools.

      Degeneration continues from Washington DC, Congress, the Executive, the Supreme Court.

      09/15/12 6:53 AM | Comment Link

    • liberti said...


      Good post. Thank you. Like you, I was horrified at the cackling Secr of State who ended her Veni Vidi spiel with “he died”. I’d rate that a zero in public diplomacy even if Qaddafi was an unhinged tyrant. We are reaping what we sowed in the Middle East yet we don’t change course. U.S. radio broadcasts via Radio Sawa still beam brainless, witless pop songs into the Mideast cauldron 40 minutes every hour with a few minutes dedicated to news and commentary. Sadly, we are becoming irrelevant.

      09/15/12 11:09 PM | Comment Link

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