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    September 13, 2012

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    There is something very wrong here. I just wasted thirteen minutes of my life watching the supposed trailer of the supposed movie that has inflamed protesters in Egypt and Libya. The film purports to depict scenes from the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

    The version I watched is on YouTube. I have no interest in reposting it here, but YouTube says some half a million people have watched the English version, so go see it yourself if you care to.

    The film is a poorly made and amateur-acted video. The acting is 1970’s porno quality, and most scenes are shot with a cheesy green screen background and hopelessly fake dubbed in dialogue. Most of what you see is offensive to nearly everyone, with rude remarks about child molestation, homosexuality and near-constant vicious remarks about Islam and the Koran. It looks like it was thrown together in an afternoon with the design of just pissing people off.

    The Atlantic has an article linking the film to Florida racist “preacher” Terry Jones, the asshole who got worldwide attention for himself by threatening to desecrate the Koran (thanks media!) Another web site has a few details about the video’s titular producer, who it claims is an Egyptian Coptic Christian living in California. The AP thinks it has found another Coptic Christian who was involved in the film. Gawker interviews one of the “actresses,” seen in the video receiving simulated oral sex, claiming she had no idea what the movie was about. Gawker is also trolling for more info on the whole thing if you care to submit anything (I certainly don’t want it).

    The Internet conspiracy tubes are overflowing, claiming the film is an Israeli and/or CIA deep cover op to justify US military intervention in the Middle East. It all somehow ties into invading Iran and maybe 9/11 somehow. Others claim the film was made by some mysterious Arabs to justify throwing the US out of the Middle East.

    I am not a big conspiracy guy, but everything about this smells bad. Just how did this crappy video come to the attention of so many people? The YouTube version I watched was posted there in July; why now did everyone wake up to it? Who bothered to even spend lunch money on such horrible garbage? There is a lot unknown. I’d like to hope all those people monitoring everything everywhere could take a few minutes to figure out who and what is behind this mess.

    BONUS: For the few dumbasses mumbling about “free speech,” this is not it. Hate speech can and is limitable.

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    • teri said...


      Oh, I doubt the movie had one damn thing to do with it. The “rebel faction” that did yesterday’s killings SAID it did, but they’ve been pretty much saying what they were told to from the get-go. Let’s not forget that the original Libyan “rebels” were comprised of CIA, al Qaeda, foreign proxy fighters, and disgruntled Ghaddafi cabinet members jockeying for position from the start. And the reason for the establishment of a Libyan no-fly zone was approved by the UN based on statements made by Amnesty International France about Ghaddafi killing his own people. The spokeswoman for A.I. France admitted publicly (after Ghaddafi had been murdered, one might note) that the A.I. findings turned out to be “unfounded and unfortunate rumors”, although she never pointed out that it was her own organization that had started those rumors.

      Now battleships are on their way to the waters off Libya, as well as troops on the ground. (More than are already guarding the oil fields for American “interests”, I mean.) Drones have been operating over Libya since the “uprising” and will now be increased. As incidents occur in other countries in a cascade (the tearing down of the American flags in Egypt, Yemen, etc.), there are more and more belligerent calls from certain Congresspeople and pundits to “crack down” on the anti-American acts. (How unfair of other countries to kill a few of ours after we made it so clear that only their side dies when we invade their territory and/or mess with their internal politics. They aren’t supposed to fight back.)

      How all very….convenient. Kind of keeps the Crusade against Muslims fired up now that no-one pays attention to Iraq or Afghanistan, and we have Iran just sitting there looking all invade-able and shit.

      09/13/12 1:55 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      The “something” that stinks was the “security” at the consulate. Apparently DS unaware of the significance of the date:


      Custer stood a better chance.

      09/13/12 9:58 PM | Comment Link

    • Lisa said...


      As Mr. Bauer writes, where was the “security” — inner and outer perimeters? Why link this to the amateur film? Why not the release of “No Easy Day” by the SEAL team member?

      Anything makes as much sense as that embarrassing bit if film. Of course, people itching for a fight don’t need much tinder.

      09/15/12 4:59 AM | Comment Link

    • Mark said...


      Regarding, how it went viral. A BBC website report referencing BBC Monitoring said that the original was posted in early July, but then got picked up several weeks later by a couple of Egyptian clerics, one of whom was a Salafi. He basically rebroadcast it with the kind of commentary who would expect, and it’s that which really got it around the Arab world.

      09/16/12 9:17 AM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      Let me get this straight…

      1. The US gov murders hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians around the world including children in the name of “freedom”….

      2. US military protected US Corporate interests inflict untold misery and death in the name of their “freedom” to rape the worlds environments for the Oligarchy’s benefit…

      3.The US gov squander Trillions of future tax payer dollars on corrupt regimes who we keep in place per item 2, and do so while holding a gun to present tax payers heads to prevent revolt.

      4. See #1 through 4

      and I’m supposed to believe a stupid repulsive film causes the death of a few of ours? ummm.. RIGHT. whatever. I guess it’s time to put that bridge up for sale.

      09/17/12 4:08 PM | Comment Link

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