• HUBBA Award Goes to Fareed Zakaria

    September 17, 2012

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    The coveted We Meant Well HUBBA Award (Head Up Butt Bozo Award) this week goes to CNN’s plagiarizer Fareed Zakaria, for his Op-Ed failing to understand events in the Middle East almost completely while still repeating the US Government standard lines almost verbatim like a loyal robo-journalist should.

    Fareed starts us off with a really useful factoid:

    In Libya, the government is not fomenting Anti-Americanism, it is fighting it, openly declaring America an ally and friend. The country is pro-American by a 2-to-1 margin, and the violence there appears to have been the work of small, extremist elements that lack much popular support.

    Libyan government not to blame, small group of isolated ruffians, right on Susan Rice’s talking points. And good news America, Libyans love us 2:1! Now, that does leave a full third of the country that does not love us, and it appears the loving two thirds are willing to at least quietly and passively allow the others to run wild, and of course even a small mob burning down your Consulate and killing your Ambassador counts as burning down your Consulate and killing your Ambassador. It reminds me of General Giap’s famous response after the Vietnam War, when some American General said “Your troops never beat us on the open battlefield,” to which Giap replied “True, but also irrelevant.”

    Fareed doubles down on his idiotic argument:

    Across the Middle East, there have been protests railing against the United States and the West in general. Even in these places, however, keep in mind that these crowds number in the hundreds – perhaps thousands – in countries with tens of millions of people. They make for vivid images, but they do not tell the whole story.

    Yeah, right. Maybe we should relocate the US Embassies from the neighborhoods where people don’t like us into those better parts of town.

    As for the violence in Egypt, Fareed sees it pretty much as the guys blowing off some steam, a lot like Dappy Don Rumsfeld claimed during the Iraq Civil War that “well, democracy can be messy.” Anyway, the fact that the Egyptian government seems powerless to stop the riots is just smart politics. Says Fareed:

    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy is an elected politician, and he is trying to pander, appease, direct and guide people. I wish he were bolder and fought the extremist elements in his society head-on. But let’s face it, he’s behaving like an elected politician.

    Sure, just like an elected politician. Just like elected politicians in say, Western Europe behave around mobs?

    And to wrap things up, a little self-congratulatory music:

    And let’s be honest, there is a cancer of extremism in the Arab world, one that was diagnosed extensively after 9/11 by many, including me.

    So, for his contribution to pointless rhetoric, we award the HUBBA to Fareed Zakaria of CNN! We also congratulate our runner-up, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who said, “The [Middle East] protests were as unreflective of popular Middle Eastern opinion as ‘a Ku Klux Klan demonstration’ in the United States.”

    (The HUBBA committee acknowledges the many lame persons in contention for this award, and has told me that choosing just one was, as always, very difficult. They hasten to add that in weeks where no HUBBA announcement is made, the award is by default passed on to US UN Ambassador Susan Rice.)

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      If CNN’s ratings continue to drop, Fareed may be forced to sell his HUBBA crap on HSN.


      09/17/12 2:28 PM | Comment Link

    • Jim Shepard said...


      The little film was produced in July but only publicized now. That’s what commentators like Zakaria ought to be talking up. The publicizing of this obviously phony thing, made to look like it was produced by the usual “ignorant-fanatical-savage-native-muslims”, has been brought out of the closet to “explain” the murder of the US ambassador, a murder well pre-planned including the security stripping of the man and his handful of cohorts. The “anti-American rage”, so easy to arrange with probably little cash sprinkled here and there on the fertile ground of outrage, is a smoke screen. The project weakens governments all over the Middle East by setting them back on their heels and necessitating more repression on their part; it also co-ops popular movements and sends them more firmly into the hands of “radicals” and “fanatics” and dividing them off from moderates and secularists.
      Now who would want to do that? Lets be clear that American ambassadors are employees of the State Department and the marines that were killed were part of the Navy and thus under the Pentagon. But Special Forces, while nominally under the Pentagon, are really under the “command” of the President… but that too is rather “nominal” because they are “classified” and, as is seldom pointed out, the President does not have nearly the top security clearance. So “special forces”, who they are, where they are, what they are doing and at whose behest they are doing it, all this sort of fades out into the dark beyond.
      That’s why I cavil when people say it’s all down to the American Government or even “America” or “American interests”. Saying that is getting to have the all-too-rosy glow of nostalgia for a time when the American government, for all its many faults, was at least in charge.

      09/17/12 3:10 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Next week’s HUBBA should go to this Rice-erroni:


      Does State have another “who could have foreseen” Rice-erroni in its future?

      09/17/12 5:23 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      It could be worse: if the neo-cons were back in the WH, our troops would be on the way to Iran to avenge the attack.


      09/17/12 6:01 PM | Comment Link

    • Bill Johnson said...


      Again, Zakaria, like virtually all other commentators, talks of “extremism in the Arab world.” I seriously doubt that he, or any of the rest, are truly unaware that places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia are not part of the “Arab world.” Christian Arabs don’t appear to be any more given to extremism than Christian Estonians. What these authors mean, but apparently do not dare say, is that there is a cancer of extremism in the Muslim world. Trying to pretend otherwise out of some misguided sense of political correctness just guarantees that the problem will continue to be unaddressed, let alone solved.

      09/17/12 7:50 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Jim, why does the President himself not have the necessary clearance?

      @ Rich, the neo-cons would probably get lost on their way to Iran. Dark jesting aside, they might opt to team a joint US-Israeli venture, call it a ‘coalition’ to repeat 1956. That ended swimmingly well for the Brits, French, and Israelis, didn’t it??

      That is, depending on the elections. But wasnt there a news story that during the Bush-Cheney administration, certain officials prevented an attack on Iran? Possibly once in power, the facade of uniformity might melt away but it depends on how Romney would staff his presidency — if he were to win.

      On the positive side, the Neo-apocolyptic-politicians would likely be in office just one term. The downside is, the world might really finally come to an end but we wouldn’t have to listen anymore to this terrible rhetoric that we’ve gotten accustomed to and we’ll be playing harps and wearing halos, maybe…

      09/17/12 8:34 PM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      “…appears to have been the work of small, extremist elements that lack much popular support.”

      The standard Standard Line of group-think newspeak.

      With the illegal War Powers Act giving away authorities to the executive which Congress did not have then or ever, they have given us the dictatorship expressly warned against during the Convention of 1787.

      All three branches of the federal government act in collusion in this matter to usurp our kindness in allowing them to temporarily manage that organ we created back then. How ever much these hired ruffians attempt to restrict our ability to control them, we always have the ultimate power in overthrowing their illegal take over of our government. But the majority of Americans still insist on being absentee owners.

      Mr. Obama you too are too insane to continue ruling as was Mr. Bush, Mr. Clinton, etc. using violence and force instead of reason.

      09/20/12 6:06 PM | Comment Link

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