• Obama: US ‘Will Not Retreat’ from World (unless we do)

    September 19, 2012

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    Your president said just a few days ago, following the deaths in Libya, “the United States of America will never retreat from the world.”

    Now of course since then, the US Embassy in Libya announced its consular services closure through Saturday, September 29. The US Consulate in Benghazi has been burnt out and is thus closed.

    US Mission Pakistan announced the temporary suspension of consular services in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi on September 17-19. U.S. government employees can now undertake essential travel only, including within the cities of Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar, due to possible demonstrations moving along major routes.

    US Embassy Tunisia announced that the embassy will be closed to public access on September 17, 2012. All dependents and non-essential State Department personnel have been evacuated back to the US.

    US Embassy Sudan announced that the embassy will be closed to public access. All dependents and non-essential State Department personnel have been evacuated back to the US.

    US Mission India announced that due to planned demonstrations in New Delhi and Kolkata on September 18, 2012, the American Center including the library and USIEF in the two cities will be closed. All dependents and non-essential State Department personnel have been evacuated.

    US Embassy Kabul is closed for routine services.

    Even the US Consulate in Amsterdam closed to the public for a day.

    In many other countries, the US Embassy is advising Americans to avoid, well, the US Embassy, as it will be the target of demonstrations that could get dangerously out of hand.

    (Updates on any more closures)

    I don’t doubt the prudence of closing these embassies and consulates to the public, or withdrawing dependents and non-essential personnel. Safety matters and lives are important.

    I just wish the president would stop saying stupid crap like “America will never retreat from the world” when it is butt obvious that we have to.

    BONUS: US bails out GM with a gazillion tax dollars, then files complaint with WTO over China subsidizing its auto parts industry.

    BONUS BONUS: Susan Rice, UN ambassador and lifetime HUBBA recipient, says Libya attacks were unplanned. Two days later the White House says Libya attacks “may” have been planned.

    BONUS BONUS BONUS: If you do a Google search for “Susan Rice Libya” but mistype it as “Susan Rice Labya” and Google auto-corrects that to “Susan Rice Labia”, for the love of God and all things sacred don’t look at the image results.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      Linking to the webpage where Rice-erroni was absolutely certain the consulate attack was unplanned – without any intelligence to support her conclusion – I found this item was more believable: http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/blog/34869/fisherman+adrift+for+106+days+in+pacific+says+shark+led+him+to+rescuers/

      09/19/12 12:47 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Contrary to Rice-erroni’s statement the consulate had appropriate security – “there was a ROBUST American security presence inside the compound” – the truth is “only three people were inside the main building: Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and an unidentified State Department regional security officer. They became separated in the thick smoke inside the main consulate building and only the regional security officer was able to get out, the official said.”

      OR A BUST

      09/20/12 1:11 AM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      This shit gets funnier by the day. Hubba awards not withstanding, MsRicearooni just hit the all time record on the DUMB-O-Meter. Ya know, I just can’t figure out how these pathetically stupid morons get these jobs…unless a prerequisite is having a Masters degree in the Big Bang of Stupidity. Personally, I submit they can’t tie their fucking shoes.

      09/20/12 3:48 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      09/20/12 2:02 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      09/20/12 4:19 PM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      As a citizen, I’m concerned we Americans are being collectively ‘wee americans.’

      The bulk of offshore, if not all, adventurism is not for defense and not in our interests. Fairly obvious observation, but one over looked too often.

      The time is right for concerted efforts to regain control of this federal government for our collective security, before the rest of the world declares war on us.

      These continued threatening foreign policy decisions threaten us here too. The great dictatorship continues with Mr. Obama leading the way for our eventual destruction while claiming the opposite.

      Violence and murder done in our name must stop. Defense is defense. Murdering without cause is what Mr. Obama is doing and the next term the murders will continue whoever so enters office next January.

      Our silence and quiet talk must become organized, much louder, and continuous. Individualism has kept and keeps us apart thus weak.

      09/20/12 6:29 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      To the shores of Tripoli?

      No rush to judgment: Prior to the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the State Department and the Marines Corps had been discussing deploying Marines to guard the U.S. Embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli “sometime in the next five years,” according to the Marine Corps.

      Take your time. What’s the rush? It’s not like its consulate was on fire.


      09/21/12 1:41 AM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote: “I just wish the president would stop saying stupid crap like “America will never retreat from the world” when it is butt obvious that we have to.”..unquote…

      (sighing) Well, I just wish one tenth of our citizens weren’t so fucking braindead too. I mean..let’s get fucking real here. DUMB-O-METER records notwithstanding… just watch the people who attend/watch our two party system “candidate’s” campaign speeches.(not to mention the hilarious Conventions) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

      Sanity notwithstanding either… anyone with one fucking neuron between their ears, look at those gatherings of numbskulls.. and ROTFLTFAO.

      I mean… I can understand why a lot of these people hail from the Parallel Don’t Get It Universe. After all, the only thing most of them watch on TV is ‘merican Idol, Fox news, and local dimwitted news programs that haven’t got a clue what’s really happening. And given the fact that ALL MSM is Corporate controlled Government approved propaganda, or outright fucking lies, it’s a no-brainer(sorry for the pun)why this nation is filled with clueless, non thinking, self induced lobotomy patients.

      Unfortunately..while this nation steadfastly falls down the black hole of complacency, the farther it falls, the less they see the end of the tunnel they were thrown from, and pretty soon,…that spec of light above, will disappear like so much dieing embers of campfire.

      Which brings me to this. Yeah..ole O’blather says some things that would make a recovering lobotomy patient look like Eisenstein. Who gives a fuck anymore. If any one thousandth of the population knew, that while they THINK that ole Pledge of Allegiance meant a goddamn thing anymore, or they have that good ole “constitution” covering their asses should by some unthinkable circumstances, tyranny might make an appearance in their lives, …Obombardiar has made special plans for ya…and it doesn’t include any of that good ole “first amendment.or any other amendment crap for that matter. In fact…he and his cohorts just had a bonfire using the Magna Carta for kindling, while they shredded our dear beloved Constitution…and threw it in the flames.

      Behold you fucking idiotic “Mericans.”..in your nightmares of nightmares..you don’t have a goddamn clue to what your pathetic complacency, your dumbness, your criminally idiotic embrace of video games, ‘merican Idoltry, and a thousand other Big Bang of Stupid Fox news “entertainment” like brain sucking parasites have done for ya. In one word. NOTHING.

      While ya’ll was entertain’en yo’selves with popcorn and pizza TV night, or playin all night video game sessions ..or watchen some fucking ridiculous “reality” show from some other Parallel Universe..yo buddy’s in that cesspool known as DC was have’n themselves a good ole party,…suckin up millions from the Corporate campaign donation trough..in trade for keepin this world wide campaign of blood letting death and destruction known as that good ole War on Terror alive and well… which everyone knows but don’t give a damn, makes hundreds of billions for the Corporate slimebag Oligarchy… jeeeeeezushchrist.. But what you DIDN’T understand(or care for that matter)…was what yo good ole candidate Obastard was doin behind yo back…. Well..let me give yo a clue. He was a throwing yo grandkiddies grandkiddies “freedom” down the Orwellian black hole of tyranny…via the NDAA…
      ummm..what’s that you say? Heheheheh… of course.. you wouldn’t know the NDAA if it came up and bit yo ass. Which..speaking of.. it’s about to make an appearance in yo pathetic little life….PAL. And now…there isn’t a GODDAMNED thing you can do about it… except pray. And pal, you better pray. Cause that candidate you like so much, who promised “change you can believe in”..is just about to deliver the goods.

      Unfortunately… I don thing yo gonna like it. PAL.
      PS. Comin soon to a neighborhood BBQ near you. 40,000 drones…all watchen ya have yo fun..that is..until.. Obombardiar decides yo is one of the ones he don like no mo. And now..all he has to do is declare yo is a threat to him and his,…and BOOOOOOOOM…yo is now so much bugsplat…no arrest..no detainment(unless of course he decides to use the NDAA on yo ass) no..what was that they used to call it? oh yeahhhh..that good ole pesky “due process” thing. Bwahahahaahahaha!!!…due process. DUE FUCKING PROCESS…??? Funny. Now that AG Holder has fessed up he gave Obummer some “secret memo” that authorizes him with the power to declare yo ass IS grass..on his word alone..well PAL..THAT IS yo “due process” now..DEATH.

      well…that’s all I have to say fo now. (sighing)

      09/22/12 5:04 PM | Comment Link

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